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Just a suggestion - bring them back to Leffot and have them put them stretched out - it makes a world of a difference and they've done it for me many times in the past.
Finally some DG70 love!!!Awesome!!
PLEASE on the DG70 last!!!
Thanks Although that jacket would definitely suffice for an off day from the standard Brioni, wouldn't it? ;-)
I hate you stitch
I'm only interested if it's a black or navy trim.I've sat out all the navy shoes because of the brown trim edge trim (I'm just not a fan, sorry).You guys ok with that?
Count me in!
FYI I am also looking into the bags/cases that "The Armoury" features by Cleamatis, Ro, and Porter Japan.
I just got my air in the mail - ordered the 13" and 11" from Amazon and decided on keeping the 11" as my travel laptop and I use my Macbook Pro with Retina 15" as my "base" laptop. Like you - I'm looking for a case/'s what I found: 1. 2....
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