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Finally some DG70 love!!!Awesome!!
PLEASE on the DG70 last!!!
Thanks Although that jacket would definitely suffice for an off day from the standard Brioni, wouldn't it? ;-)
I hate you stitch
I'm only interested if it's a black or navy trim.I've sat out all the navy shoes because of the brown trim edge trim (I'm just not a fan, sorry).You guys ok with that?
Count me in!
FYI I am also looking into the bags/cases that "The Armoury" features by Cleamatis, Ro, and Porter Japan.
I just got my air in the mail - ordered the 13" and 11" from Amazon and decided on keeping the 11" as my travel laptop and I use my Macbook Pro with Retina 15" as my "base" laptop. Like you - I'm looking for a case/cover....here's what I found: 1. http://www.louisvuitton.com/front/#/eng_US/Collections/Men/Mens-Bags/products/Poche-Documents-DAMIER-GRAPHITE-N48247 2....
deets on the gloves please
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