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I received mine on Friday. Love them! Thanks Ed for the great shipping! Not one wrinkle!! I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for what to wear the "large gray herringbone" with? Thanks
I live in the Chicago area and have been using Davis Cleaners for the last 2 years. I can honestly say after dealing with them I would never trust any other cleaners in the Chicagoland area. I have quite expensive clothing and am quite anal when it comes to keeping the fabric's softness and having everything cleaned perfectly. There 2 levels of service for shirt cleaning is based on the fabric and buttons on your shirts. If you have thick mother of pearl buttons,...
Where did you find the shoes? What are they? He's got some serious style in my opinion....
I'm new to posting on here (although I have been browsing for a few months now) SKEFFERZ: Love the suit (I own the same) paired with the orange, and the knit tie, however I would have done the knit tie in a navy. Just a thought. Maybe one of these days I'll even have the balls to post on here and to take some constructive criticism from everyone! Happy 4th everyone!
Would love to see what the hell costs $1400 for an umbrella
PM'd #55 and #5!
Are any of the umbrellas still available? I PM'd and awaiting a response....... WTB 42L SUITS!!!!!
I Have 2 Brand New (refurbished...i Think Atleast) Blackberry 9700 (bold 2) For Tmobile. They Are The Insurance Replacement Phones. Looking To Sell Asap. They Are Located In Chicago And Come With The Phones And Chargers, And I Can Throw In A Dock For $10. PRICE DROP $250
Just came back from Schaumburg, and in sizes 10-11 all I can find were 1 beat up pair of mainline's...
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