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Only posting 15% off discounts for suits, sportcoats, etc for me
One of my favorite black tie award ceremony moments was Brad Pitt a few (I believe 2010) years ago in Cannes. He wore a perfectly tailored tux that was just smashing, despite having side vents...could be it was Angelina on his arm that I haven't forgotten about that tux Tonight was very weak. just my .02
I'd like to purchase 3 - 32L 8 - 24L in the black horn. How do I proceed? I sent you a PM as well.
received my 2 wallets today. BEAUTIFUL! thanks to a great seller
These books are transferable and not tied to my account. I can put them on a thumbdrive for you as well if you'd like.
I have an Apple Ipad that's 64GB + 3G and I will throw in my Apple case I purchased. The Ipad is in perfect condition, never had any issues and has always been in the case. I will throw in 700 books and I will keep them on the Ipad for you (if interested). The Ipad is under warranty until 1 year from purchase date (I purchased it the day it came out). Looking for $700.......NOW ONLY $665....NOW ONLY $600......$525 FOR EVERYTHING!!!!!! FINAL FINAL PRICE...
pm'd and paid on brioni layered.
PM'd and paid for #4 and #9. Beautiful stuff
Sell/Buy large quantities of American Express Membership Rewards points. High end travel concierge.
After all the winter sales, etc I'm finally ready to join for the month of February. Let's hope I can resist temptation. My 401K thanks you SF
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