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The books were acquired legitimately and were paid for from a website, not itunes. Yet are in a different format so that can saved to my computer or hard drive. Not interested in causing any problems with the books, if the buyer does not want them I will do a hard reset on the ipad and they're gone. Pretty simple.
Price drop!! Now only $600!!! Awesome deal!!
Placed my order Sunday night and just checked bb website and saw my shoes were shipped out today! no email to confirm but atleast I'm getting them. thanks sf!
Quote: Originally Posted by mkarim AS = Alfred Sargeant. Even I know that (thanks to forex) :-) The fact that they are AS a good thing? Or are there better made Peal & Co?
I got the suede's in 10.5 yesterday evening, credit card was charged + used SPG111X code for an additional 15%. Thanks! One question what does AS stand for (company who makes them)? I'm asking out of ignorance
Only posting 15% off discounts for suits, sportcoats, etc for me
One of my favorite black tie award ceremony moments was Brad Pitt a few (I believe 2010) years ago in Cannes. He wore a perfectly tailored tux that was just smashing, despite having side vents...could be it was Angelina on his arm that I haven't forgotten about that tux Tonight was very weak. just my .02
I'd like to purchase 3 - 32L 8 - 24L in the black horn. How do I proceed? I sent you a PM as well.
received my 2 wallets today. BEAUTIFUL! thanks to a great seller
These books are transferable and not tied to my account. I can put them on a thumbdrive for you as well if you'd like.
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