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Final price drop
I'd like one but no image.
I tailored by Andre Lani when he would stop by in Chicago for a few years, and was extremely pleased with his suits and shirts. I'd still be using him if I didn't find Ercole's
No jokes. Worst experience ever! Even had they fit like a glove, honestly the quality for something in that price range was terrible. I hope the AstorandBlack member on here reads this thread!!
Purchased a bunch of the black buttons and just received them in the mail on Friday. Beautiful!
I ordered 6 suits and a dozen shirts from Astor & Black in Chicago. The rep was a very friendly, extremely nice guy. Fit - Suits - When I received my suits, I've never had a "custom" suit fit so terribly that there tailor AND my own tailor said it would be impossible to make these even come close to fitting. Shirts - fit was fine, nothing great, nothing terrible. Quality - Suits - I had ordered only Scabal fabric and these suits were the worst quality...
The one time I wish I were bigger.....damn!
I'm speechless!
I don't remember. It was the charcoal flannel suit they had this winter with a DB waistcoat. I believe it was a classic fit. The pants were full in the waist-seat, however relatively slim in the leg.
Got mine on Thursday. Beat up box generic BB box, with beat up Peal & Co top. Inside everything was perfect, bags, shoes, etc. Love the suede's. Great buy at $220. Thanks SF
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