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Great thread - thanks OP Just out of curiosity how much does Liverano charge for suit, sportcoat, shirts? I've always loved the styling from them.
Assuming you don't want this box to con someone into purchasing a used tie that he thinks is "new in box" I have quite a few (I have a Hermes addiction), and I'd be willing to help you out.
I saw both the black and the orange leather ties by Hermes in Chicago when they were moving stores, I loved them but didn't buy either because have no idea when I'd possibly wear them. I kind of regret not purchasing them though just as pieces to have. Great piece and enjoy
ThanksThanks - I can't wait to get them.They seem primarily summer shoes, right?I was thinking of wearing them with a solid light grey suit, what do you guys think?
Ordered the spectators and the grey suede from Leaves, can't wait until I receive them!
I've tried Paul Stuart MTM. Sub - par at best. They would only incorporate the fit of their preference (loose and baggy) and they couldn't get the shoulders right for the life of them. YMMV
My personal preference: 1. Hermes 2. Marinella 3. Kiton, Brioni, and Stefano Ricci (tie)
Wow - you take great care of them! Look beautiful!
beautiful shoes
Both of those shoes look gorgeous on Nick's tumblr - big fan of both of those.
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