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gorgeous! wish they were my size
Hermes. Perfect balance between beach cool and classic. Not too short or too long.
When can one possibly wear that and it be sartorially correct? Halloween?
Oliver Peoples "Jack One". Dressy, edgy, business'y, and no logos! Sleek as hell
Weekday: Terre d'Hermes Sabbath/Formal events: Creed Millesime Imperial Traveling: Voyage de Hermes Wild Card: Creed Silver Mountain Water
Michigan or State?
Damn you. Just ordered 3 more.
Just got my next batch of 2 shirts. Just as beautiful as the first! My moobs are ok and I'm definitively not slim. Thanks!!
^What b & n did you pick this up at? I have a long flight to Frankfurt on Sunday and would love to have some good reading material.
Got my first two today. Not super slim, just a tad slim. Collars are amazing on these! Thanks and can't wait to get my next two.
New Posts  All Forums: