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@sartorialism & angelicboris The "new" tailor who makes there suits has been making them for about 2 years now, he is a frum guy from Monsey. I still stand firmly on my testimonial on what crap and unproffesional they are. In response to whom ever asked why I didn't try them out first, and placed such a large order. I honestly don't know, and since then have learned my lesson and do just that.
Call me crazy, I love there stuff. ALL of there stuff! I'm a sucka what can I say?
105CM is equivalent to a 42 waist. I have both of these belts, and they are amazing! My favorite items in my wardrobe
I wear a 10/10.5 on the EG 888 last, and a standard 10.5 in most companies. What size ST Crispins do I go with 10E? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
^^^^^^^^^ I was at Saks in Chicago yesterday, and saw these in an array of colors and materials and the crocs were $895. I received my 2 ties today the orange cashmere and #10 thick purple, they are even more gorgeous in person and i'm sure will go great with my slew of Kiton shirts:-) Bump for great seller!
Beautiful! Trying to resist!
Damn you again! In for 2. #3 & #10. Beautiful stuff + great seller!
I'd be interested in 10/10.5 I wear a 10/10.5 in EG on the 888 last, any advice if these would fit?
One of these days I'll post my first pics on this forum for people to critique my suits fro Frank
Yes. I think one of my first days on SF. Thank GD. My only issue to date is that whenever I need a suit I have to fly in for the day:-)
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