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Malin + Goetz. Aluminum free and best deodorant ever
Quote: Originally Posted by earthdragon Anyone up for a proxy for this?
I own 1 pair for 3 1/2 years now, and I spent about $500-$600 on them, and honestly they look amazing and lasted just as long and look just as nice as my Edward Green's I purchased and wore the same amount. Styling is great (I'm only 24, so purchased them when I was 20 and change) a younger sartorially inclined individual, and from my experience I've only had the best in quality.
What size EU? 52L? 50L?
^^^^^^^^^ WOW! Love the T & A shirts and BC 3 button polo sweater!
I frequent Neimans near me, and there sales can be great. Regarding suits, by the time the "last call" comes along the prices for regular Zegna (2K retail) are under 1K, zegna 15 mil (3K retail) $1250. The best bargains I've found to be were Caruso's which end up being $672 from $1495. The normal formula is 55% off of retail at the last call price. Hope this helps
Beautiful! If only they were a 43.5
My signature item has become an "H" belt from Hermes. I wear strictly Hermes "H" belts everyday, I have practically every buckle and strap they make. Orange, baby jean, chocolate, black, olive, purple, red, white.
@sartorialism & angelicboris The "new" tailor who makes there suits has been making them for about 2 years now, he is a frum guy from Monsey. I still stand firmly on my testimonial on what crap and unproffesional they are. In response to whom ever asked why I didn't try them out first, and placed such a large order. I honestly don't know, and since then have learned my lesson and do just that.
Call me crazy, I love there stuff. ALL of there stuff! I'm a sucka what can I say?
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