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I picked up 3 Brioni suits at Saks in Chicago for $1400 and change, as well as a navy double breasted blazer for around the same price.
Quote: Originally Posted by KObalto PSA courtesy of new member Jonathan: stripped cherry SAB umbrellas about half off at J. Peterman again. No one else seems to discount these: Additional 16% off for first time buyers: This a good deal?
no love for the L's?
Thanks guys for this plethera of information! Is there anywhere in Chicago that I can make Hamilton shirts? Barney's? Flying to Paris simply to go to Charvet is a bit excessive, however next time I am there I think I will stop in for MTM or bespoke.
Quote: Originally Posted by gopherblue At the pricepoint you quoted for Charvet off the rack shirts, you could've had Geneva Custom Shirts make you bespoke shirts out of top of the line fabric and still had money left over. Goph Does the quality compare to Charvet? I've had bespoke shirts made by Ercole in Brooklyn, and they are amazing, however they don't compare to Charvet in my opinion.
^^^^^^^^^ Thanks for your input! I appreciate it! I'm still learning new things everyday thanks to SF
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan 'Better' or not is the wrong way to look at it. A Charvet shirt (either RTW, MTO, or bespoke) is nearly entirely sewn by machine. There's nothing wrong with that and Charvet is known for very meticulous craftsmanship, but many Italian makers utilize a lot of hand-sewing, which produces a shirt of a very different character. We could go on and on about the merits of machine versus hand, but the point is that they appeal...
Quote: Originally Posted by Klobber Charvet shirts are excellent, although I would prefer to avoid notions such as "the best". All I can say is that I have a few Borrelli shirts I would easily place in the same league as Charvet, and if memory serves me right they cost me less than $300 - more like $200 at the time. It appears Borrelli shirts have dropped in standard more recently. Kiton shirts are also a good bang for the buck, but are rarely if ever...
I live in Chicago and I was currently in NY on business. I stopped off to visit Patrick at Bergdorf for some Charvet dress shirts, and I could not be more pleased with the fit, craftsmanship, etc. I ended up picking out 6 dress shirts in 15 3/4 at the presale price of $299 ($425 full price) & $319 ($450 full price). I love the shirts, my question is can I get better/equal shirts for cheaper? Are there any better dress shirts in the world? On my next trip to Paris I...
Valextra, Valextra, and Valextra only!
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