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I wear a different Hermes belt everyday of the week (Monday through Friday), and I'd suggest you buy a 95cm...
Pantharella all the way
PM'd and paid for the Kiton. Can't wait to see this baby in real life
I purchased a green Valextra wallet from Angelicboris on B & S and honestly, I love it.I'm saving it for the fall, however it looks beautiful.
Also from Hermes?
Sure is!I'd love to order one of these!Stunning in my opinion!
Looks amazing Moo! Absolutely love it! I like the monogram as is, without filling it in silver. Just my .02. Use it in good health
Love it Rob. I was in town 2 weeks back for a wedding, and brought in all my tailoring I needed done for the last few months to Frank. Once I was there I ordered another suit, can't wait to fly in for my next fitting!
Definitely not current.
I'm 24 and currently wear Kiton and Brioni suits that are off the rack, or bespoke from Ercole in Brooklyn. There are no suits in the world that are of the quality of either Kiton or Brioni in my humble opinion, however I don't spend 12K on a suit EVER. I buy my Kiton's and Brioni's when they go on sale at Neimans or Saks and end up spending 2K - 3.5K on all my suits from them, which is the same range and slightly higher than what I spend on bespoke from Ercole. I...
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