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Nordstrom this season has Zegna ties in XL (I think online only), at $185 a piece.
I live in Chicago and I'm looking to step up my shoe game. I've checked out the "G & G" shoes on the Bespoke England webpage, however I'm apprehensive to order without having tried on any of there shoes ever. Anywhere in the Chicago/Midwest area carry them? Thanks SF!
Can anyone do a proxy please??? I'd like the 42L Brioni tux, as well the kiton blazers in 40L/42L! Thanks
^^^^^^^^^^Anyone willing to PSA?Please?I'm a 40L & 42L
No umbrella's in that link....
I wear a different Hermes belt everyday of the week (Monday through Friday), and I'd suggest you buy a 95cm...
Pantharella all the way
PM'd and paid for the Kiton. Can't wait to see this baby in real life
I purchased a green Valextra wallet from Angelicboris on B & S and honestly, I love it.I'm saving it for the fall, however it looks beautiful.
Also from Hermes?
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