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very comfortable shoes, not bad for weekday office shoes. Nothing compared to any of the high end shoes.
what price range does this run?its awesome!
Stubbs & Wooten are awesome! Wish I had the balls to rock these!
Doesn't say anywhere that the ones on the ben silver website are drakes. How do I confirm?
These authentic?
wow!! Amazing!! Can't wait until my next trip to HK to finally check the Armoury out.
Nordstrom this season has Zegna ties in XL (I think online only), at $185 a piece.
I live in Chicago and I'm looking to step up my shoe game. I've checked out the "G & G" shoes on the Bespoke England webpage, however I'm apprehensive to order without having tried on any of there shoes ever. Anywhere in the Chicago/Midwest area carry them? Thanks SF!
Can anyone do a proxy please??? I'd like the 42L Brioni tux, as well the kiton blazers in 40L/42L! Thanks
^^^^^^^^^^Anyone willing to PSA?Please?I'm a 40L & 42L
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