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@jerrybrown & spoo. I succumb to peer pressure once again! I've decided to keep it! My luck being up late that night cost me $1900:censored:
Here's the link to the belt.The buckle looks more dull in real life.What do you think?http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2445354&cp=1760781.2877586&ab=ln_men_cs2_belts&parentPage=family
Placed my order around 3:30AM central time and received it Friday noon time. Thanks again - Now on to the hard part, deciding what to keep:embar: Any thoughts on the rlpl black alligator dress belt? Worth it?
I just picked up a Brioni blazer that is identical. I'm a HUGE fan of this style! Use it in good health! Great choice
Look like Cartier to me
B U M P!! THERE GOES MY SAVINGS THIS MONTH! In for: 1 Darwin Loafer = 550.00 1 RLPL alligator sterling buckle belt = 487.50 1 white linen pocket square = 20 1 cardigan sweater with patches = 82.50 3 rlpl keaton collar/french cuff white shirts = 197.50 x 3. Now any of these items really NOT worth it even at 50% off???
very comfortable shoes, not bad for weekday office shoes. Nothing compared to any of the high end shoes.
what price range does this run?its awesome!
Stubbs & Wooten are awesome! Wish I had the balls to rock these!
Doesn't say anywhere that the ones on the ben silver website are drakes. How do I confirm?
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