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Spoke to Ricardo to purchase what he said was the last 42L pl left and he would not do any sale over the phone:-(
Anyone have any reviews on these trees?
I have numerous of these Stefano Ricci crystal ties, and as tacky as they sound, in real life and at weddings they are amazing! They look classy with a little bit of a twist to them. I've worn them to all of my siblings weddings thus far, and I have bought a bunch of different ones for different members of my family from 20 year olds to a 90 year old grandfather, and they all looked amazing!
Please answer!
Bose noise canceling headphones and many many cameras on the airplane. I never learn my lesson. Now I've moved on to Bowers & Wilkins p5
@jerrybrown & spoo. I succumb to peer pressure once again! I've decided to keep it! My luck being up late that night cost me $1900:censored:
Here's the link to the belt.The buckle looks more dull in real life.What do you think?http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2445354&cp=1760781.2877586&ab=ln_men_cs2_belts&parentPage=family
Placed my order around 3:30AM central time and received it Friday noon time. Thanks again - Now on to the hard part, deciding what to keep:embar: Any thoughts on the rlpl black alligator dress belt? Worth it?
I just picked up a Brioni blazer that is identical. I'm a HUGE fan of this style! Use it in good health! Great choice
Look like Cartier to me
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