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I have this exact strap however a different buckle, as well as just about every hermes buckle and strap they make. Looks to be legit as far as I can tell.
With all the sales going on currently and coming up on BF, I've invested in a few pairs of brown suede shoes and I'm not sure which one to keep. What do you guys think? 1.§ioncolor=§ionsize=# They're $1100 and will be 44% off with a mastercard on black friday, taking them down to $616 plus tax. 2....
I bought these shoes at Bergdorf Goodman 5 years ago, and still wear them all the time. One of my most favorite shoes I own.I've never worn them without atleast a few compliments.
I just purchased my first pair of AE's. I live in Chicago and I got myself the Bayfields in black for the winter. What do people think of them? All my other shoes are JL, EG, Peal and Co, etc but I felt like it was a waste of money to spend that much money on a pair of boots for the winter from those companies. From what I can see so far I'm extremely impressed with these boots. Great look and construction.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I got the same thing.
just returned 4 of them from the mistake RL sale. wish i would have seen this earlier.
Bergeron Goodman is an impeccable shopping experience, always. Herm├Ęs in Chicago is always fun for belts and ties, however I'm biased since I'm there so often. Staff is amazing.
Great website. Hope it boosts some business for Ercole, Frank, and all the employees. My best clothing ever purchased has been all the suits and outerwear made my them.
I'll be the first to actually admit it.....RIGHT. Not sure if I'm right or wrong, just something I've been doing since a kid. Interesting poll...would love to see the results.
Spoke to Ricardo to purchase what he said was the last 42L pl left and he would not do any sale over the phone:-(
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