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^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I got the same thing.
just returned 4 of them from the mistake RL sale. wish i would have seen this earlier.
Bergeron Goodman is an impeccable shopping experience, always. Herm├Ęs in Chicago is always fun for belts and ties, however I'm biased since I'm there so often. Staff is amazing.
Great website. Hope it boosts some business for Ercole, Frank, and all the employees. My best clothing ever purchased has been all the suits and outerwear made my them.
I'll be the first to actually admit it.....RIGHT. Not sure if I'm right or wrong, just something I've been doing since a kid. Interesting poll...would love to see the results.
Spoke to Ricardo to purchase what he said was the last 42L pl left and he would not do any sale over the phone:-(
Anyone have any reviews on these trees?
I have numerous of these Stefano Ricci crystal ties, and as tacky as they sound, in real life and at weddings they are amazing! They look classy with a little bit of a twist to them. I've worn them to all of my siblings weddings thus far, and I have bought a bunch of different ones for different members of my family from 20 year olds to a 90 year old grandfather, and they all looked amazing!
Please answer!
Bose noise canceling headphones and many many cameras on the airplane. I never learn my lesson. Now I've moved on to Bowers & Wilkins p5
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