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Hermes and LV
I actually have this damier graphite case. I bought it for the first gen iPad.I absolutely loved it, then iPad 2 came out and it doesn't fit properly so I'm done with expensive cases.I have the navy leath smart cover now and I love it.
As weird as this may sound, I'm a firm lover of Polo Ralph Lauren cashemere cable knit sweaters. Anyone ever have any issues with them? They have like 900,000 colors to choose from and you can always get them at a relatively decent price. For me, they are a great bang for the buck.
I have to call up and order on the phone and have them shipped to the US? Any US retailers?
Showed 15% off for me with a MasterCard, after I submitted my order it was adjusted to 20% off.
Wow! I love the Ullswater! Where you find these?
^^^^^^^^^^^^ Any left??? That's a steal!!! I spent $350 on mine:-(
Thanks for all the advice! I've decided on the EG's AND JL's. I haven't seen either of the shoes IRL as of yet, I decided to just keep both of them for now. Like you all reassured me these are great prices for staple shoes which I hope to enjoy for a long long time to come. I will share pictures when I receive the shoes. Happy Thanksgiving!
For some reason the RL's are growing on me...I just like the gold buckle, as well as the shape and the shade of the brown suede on the shoes. I haven't received any of them yet. I believe the Lobb's were shipped out today and I'll be receiving them on Monday, and the EG's I can pick up on Friday.
I have this exact strap however a different buckle, as well as just about every hermes buckle and strap they make. Looks to be legit as far as I can tell.
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