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+1 on all the hatred! Great haul man. Wear it in good health
What size is this coat marked?
love the navy/red! Any chance on selling it? PM if you are!
Looks nice!
I live in Chicago, and couldn't agree more about the service. In my opinion it is possibly the best service for a retail store in the Chicago area, although Paul Stuart on oak is a near tie. Come back and visit again soon!
I used ASKANDY for 10% off.
Decided to make the switch to Sapir shoe shine products, and made a big order with the hange project. Super fast delivery and service from Carlo, Kirby, and the whole hanger project family! Thumbs up! Thanks
Spoke to my SA and he told me to wait until last week in April when everything will be 40% off. Too many exclusions this sale
I'm an idiot :D:D:D:D I just quickly looked online at their website and just looks like they have generic trees. I'll investigate further and let you guys know. Thanks
Anyone know where I can get lasted shoe trees for Carmina's? After speaking with Allen (a few times) I've decided to make the plunge into a few pairs of Carmina's. Looking forward!
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