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Agreed on all accounts - beautiful shoes!If you go into John Lobb store in Manhattan they can put them in for you, however they suggest not to do it until you wear out the front toe a little bit before putting them in.
I ordered 4 out of 7 from taco, he was awesome! Went above and beyond customer service. A+++
Will try and get around to taking some pictures later today - haven't had time to try them all on yet.
Barney's damage
Probably north of 100, mostly pre SF days of Gucci, Prada, LV.A guesstimate would be about 40 Edward Green, John Lobb, G&G, and Carmina.G&G I'd guess 15-20 pairs.
Thanks guys!Truthfully I picked up 4 pairs, received them today in Fedex and loved them so much I quickly kopped the Fairmont's and the Walkton's. Still on the fence regarding the St. Ives.Gotta love G&G's at these prices!I picked up the John Lobb Jermyn III's as well - those should be here tomorrow.
Barneys is killing me. in for: Arran in suede Arran - black Walkton - 2 tone brown Fairmont - Rioja Westbury - Black Inverted Cap Toe Balmoral - Navy
G&G shoes back up on Barneys site.
sick haul
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