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Any 10UK?
[[SPOILER]] Any of these have dainite soles?Living in the midwest winter is brutal, and I think it's silly not to get dainties'.Awesome color combo's.
Any update on the navy jodhpur MTO we did about a year ago? I'm not sure which is more frustrating the lack of any communication from Epaulet or the fact that it has taken almost a full year for Carmina to make a MTO boot.
Yet another shipment without the MTO Navy Jodhpur boots from last November (I believe)!Mike what is the deal?There is no correspondence from anyone by Epaulet regarding any expected delivery date, or any sort of update.I've called the store on 2 separate occasions to inquire about these boots, and was told both times I would get an email before the end of the day as to some sort of update on these.I don't think it is uncalled for to ask for an update on a pair of boots...
Mike, Any news on the Navy Jodhpur boots that were ordered back in November (I believe), and then messed up? Weren't they supposed to be here by latest June? We're headed into August with nothing yet. I called the store a few times and each time I was told I would receive an email response with some sort of update.....still nothing. Getting very frustrating.
I'm a UK10 in G&G and only found one pair:-(
bontoni or di bianco?
I have one I made a few years back as well as one I made in the middle of March which I will be bringing it to Frank next week for tailoring (I lost lots of weight), and can post pictures.
Beautiful! Looking forward to trying them out one day.
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