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I actually emailed EG on Friday and I was told the sale starts on December 27th at 10AM - for walk in customers only. Proxy anyone?
Gorgeous!I'm glad I jumped on the Savoy's.Windsor look much better than in the Barney's pictures.I'm not sure if I should regret not getting them or not, I just feel that they weren't too different than the Gable's and Westbury's....
Those are gorgeous! I've got to get myself a pair!
^^^^^ Same here on my order from 12/19
Spoo you got ALL of the the G&G? WOW.
Box 1/3
Thoese Gators
Epic pants and shoes! Wear them in good health Spoo
Any idea who makes these? http://www.paulstuart.com/product_info.cfm?ProdID=4796&ProdCatId=1056&MainCatId=14&HEADERMENUID=1&SUBPRODCATID=2100
Beauty umbrella
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