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Some DG70 love?
Craziness - I finally got around to trying them on - despite the shoes being a UK10E and my previous 4 G&G models all being UK9.5E.... The Gable's are tight across the vamp, and a little tight in the toe box,.and the Westbury's fit pretty darn well suprisingly, they might be a touch long, however they're pretty close. Let's see what tomorrow brings with the Savoy's....Gosh this is so confusing!
Looking forward to receiving the navy jodhpurs and the chocolate suede jodhpurs. The wait is too much to bear Thanks again for all the hard work getting these MTO's running so smoothly, much appreciated!Happy Holidays
I'm a UK9.5 and I have UK10's in the Gable's, Wesbury, and Savoy. Anyone have UK9.5 to swap? Sell?
oh gosh....didn't have time to even try on my shoes yet and of course they are the wrong size like stitchy posted this is so frustrating!
Thanks for the info spoo. Great deals! Wear them in good health
Phineas on sale is a lot cheaper than Frank will be.
Spoo gorgeous pants! Deets please
I actually emailed EG on Friday and I was told the sale starts on December 27th at 10AM - for walk in customers only. Proxy anyone?
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