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This is not exciting considering I just bought 3....I own 3 other G&G shoes and I've never had this issue.
That is not cool stitch
I think they are gorgeous - agreed that they are not up to par with the other boots you posted.....#firstworldproblems
The last ones are your canterbury's correct in vintage rioja? call me crazy - but I'm a fan of the dg70 last, simplicity, and the fact that nick has them for sale on his website without a wait....
Thanks!I'm strongly considered the canterbury's that you have - I'm longing for some boots on the DG70
Just because I'm Jewish doesn't mean I can't get any presents.....happy holidays to myself! :-) I'm glad that for some crazy reason all of the shoes worked out well - I hope Barney's fixes their sizing online before they have some crazy fiasco's.
Some DG70 love?
Craziness - I finally got around to trying them on - despite the shoes being a UK10E and my previous 4 G&G models all being UK9.5E.... The Gable's are tight across the vamp, and a little tight in the toe box,.and the Westbury's fit pretty darn well suprisingly, they might be a touch long, however they're pretty close. Let's see what tomorrow brings with the Savoy's....Gosh this is so confusing!
Looking forward to receiving the navy jodhpurs and the chocolate suede jodhpurs. The wait is too much to bear Thanks again for all the hard work getting these MTO's running so smoothly, much appreciated!Happy Holidays
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