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Antibes not available in my size:-(
email sent When does one have too many G&G's? I was introduced to them here and over the course of one year edit* 7 months have 6 before I sent this email!
Beautiful!I just wish the bottoms were black - the browns make them harder to pull off with a suit in my opinion.Gorgeous none the less
EPIC haul Eddie
[/quote]The Chocolate Jodphurs and the Caramel wholecuts are probably going to take another delivery or two - but those got a little held up trying to make the minimum production number. Thanks so much, and thanks for your patience! We'll do whatever we can to expedite the delivery, and all you guys with the late preorders will get 15% off. [/B][/quote] Thanks Mike!! Can't wait to receive all of these! I'm REALLY enjoying the black scotchgrain and brown calf/suede...
Maiden voyage Sorry for the crappy iPhone pictures
Thanks - Does this mean the Chocolate Jodhpur's won't be here for another 2 shipments?On a happier note the new shipment has some sweet stuff!Thanks for all the work mike!
What's going on with the shipment from last week?
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I'm itching for my navy!
Can't wait for the shipment!!! Woohoo
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