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Maiden voyage Sorry for the crappy iPhone pictures
Thanks - Does this mean the Chocolate Jodhpur's won't be here for another 2 shipments?On a happier note the new shipment has some sweet stuff!Thanks for all the work mike!
What's going on with the shipment from last week?
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I'm itching for my navy!
Can't wait for the shipment!!! Woohoo
This is not exciting considering I just bought 3....I own 3 other G&G shoes and I've never had this issue.
That is not cool stitch
I think they are gorgeous - agreed that they are not up to par with the other boots you posted.....#firstworldproblems
The last ones are your canterbury's correct in vintage rioja? call me crazy - but I'm a fan of the dg70 last, simplicity, and the fact that nick has them for sale on his website without a wait....
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