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Impeccable like always!
Only when I'm rockin the Savoy's...
My wallet is Hermes - it can handle it!
Have you ever been early for Shabbos during the winter? lol
Anyone up for a proxy for me??PLZZZZZ
I wore my green savoy's for the time on Friday - I wore them with charcoal flannel suit (ercole), green and off white cashmere herringbone tie (hermes) and had no issues. I thought they looked damn fly
Antibes not available in my size:-(
email sent When does one have too many G&G's? I was introduced to them here and over the course of one year edit* 7 months have 6 before I sent this email!
Beautiful!I just wish the bottoms were black - the browns make them harder to pull off with a suit in my opinion.Gorgeous none the less
EPIC haul Eddie
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