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option 2. Especially since your shoes you posted before are a calf/suede combo.
Awesome!!Where did you find these? I'd love me a pair
These came out great!I'd rock these all winter long
Definitely agree about the Dainite sole - the black scotchgrain's with the dainite sole are amazing in the Chicago/New York winters.
Thanks guys!I'm definitely not the real Brioni, although after doing a little shopping yesterday I'm a total sucker for anything Brioni, Kiton, and Hermes I picked up:Navy Brioni suede, leather type material short jacketKiton light grey dress pants, Kiton pants are most detail oriented pants I have ever seen in my life. Insanity.2 Brioni sport shirts to wear with recently acquired black Kiton jeansLoro Piana 85% cashmere 15% silk sweater in some blueish shade.Hermes...
What color is that? Burgundy? I'm definitely down for that! Gorgeous!
[IMG] Maiden voyage G&G Pantharella OTC Polo Ralph Lauren (corneliani)
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