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If I'm not mistaken they had the middle one- the SA was pushing it on me, however I didn't care for it.
I was there on monday December 3rd at noon to be exact (checked my receipt lol) and they had them
I didn't know there are new or old but the ones I got about 3 months ago in mahogany are amazing. Probably the best trees I own
I've seen these at TF on Madison Ave, last I was there about a month ago they had tons of them for $250 or $265 I forget.
Thanks Mike! Really looking forward!This thread is awesome thanks to you!!!Keep the MTO's coming!
Those are the "tits"
Welcome back Mike Any time frame for the jodhpur boots in navy and the chocolate? Thanks
Beautiful tie and shirts! Great kops
MoL - those pics are insane! I have the shoes and you make them look 100 x's better than they do - and they're sexy as hell to begin with! A+++++
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