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I wear a UK10 on all G&G lasts as well as EG lasts. On carmine and John Lobb I wear UK9.5 on all lasts. What size would I be in Enzo Bonafe?
Would love this.
pretty sure John Lobb 10E is equivalent to US 11.... If it were US 10.5 I'd be all over these - great looking boots
I'm in for rosewood please
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ What happened with this? I thought we had 6.
Awesome coat Spoo - wish it was a 52.
likewise......would love to place an order as well.
Any of the plain grey in UK9.5 available?
Please count me in for the bronze and black cc Galway. Where are we holding on this?
Throw on daintite sole and I'd jump on the Shannon bandwagon.
New Posts  All Forums: