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16th should be good for me as well. Thanks and looking forward
I'm down for a meet up.
Please tell me dainite soul....
Been going to Frank and Ercole for about 11 years now....Jeremy was always a pleasure to do deal with - a breath of fresh air. Wish I had a chance to wish him farewell.
I wear a UK10 on all G&G lasts as well as EG lasts. On carmine and John Lobb I wear UK9.5 on all lasts. What size would I be in Enzo Bonafe?
Would love this.
pretty sure John Lobb 10E is equivalent to US 11.... If it were US 10.5 I'd be all over these - great looking boots
I'm in for rosewood please
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ What happened with this? I thought we had 6.
Awesome coat Spoo - wish it was a 52.
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