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Yep- I can't view any photos in B&S- very frustrating.
Quote: Originally Posted by __PG__ Thank f*** too... temperature in Melbourne dropped to 7.5 degrees on the way back to the office (its now a balmy 8.5 degrees....woo hoo!). I thought you might be part of the SF bretheren...wearing a well-fitted non-charcoal/black/navy suit in Melbourne with a spotted tie and showing just the right amount of shirt cuff gave you away Was that one of the Paul Stuart B&S purchases? Nope- this one is a Paul...
That'd be me- small world indeed! Nice suit BTW PG- the flannel looked pretty warm too! After looking at a few Zara suits, I think at least one seems fully canvassed (3 layers in the chest, and below buttonhole). But the canvas used seems vey lightweight and looked wierd once on (maybe suit was folded in transit?). Plus the shoulder stitching on the jacket i tried on was puckered/misstitched. But they are made to a pricepoint, so given that they could still be a good...
Anyone know a good place in Canberra to get topy-ing done? cheers
Rekaris Shoes on Lonsdale near Russell street does Topy on front of shoe (not heel) for $35. Just dropped pair off there today.
During my lunchtime wanderings today, i called through Harrolds- i usually look at Paul Smith mainline stuff, because i quite like the style. I have never bought anything there though- too expensive for my tastes. Anyway, the sales guy showed me a new line of "Harrolds" label suits. He said they are made by Caruso and they are fully canvassed (so same deal as RLBL etc). I tried a "french cut" one on and they apparently have an "english cut" style too- it was pretty...
Herringbone at the tops of Collins Street has C&J's too (unsure which last they are from)- presume the other stores do too. I'm not sure if they fit your category of faceless corporation, but they are not the small operation that American Tailors are.
Quote: Originally Posted by "6" Suits - the two I own are made of good fabric, fully canvassed, with horn buttons. I will not comment on how well they fit as thats a very individual thing. Are herringbone suits really fuilly canvassed- just looks at lunch and most seemed to be fused. Maybe they used to be or maybe I just picked the wrong ones?
Quote: Originally Posted by appolyon This is professional re-weaving. They take fibres from another part of the garment (or scraps in my case) and they reweave the cloth strand by strand rather than patching it up. I looked around in Melbourne and there was no one with that skill. Emmanual Dakis on Chapel Street Windsor does invisible mending/ re-weaving to repair holes and small tears in suits etc- not sure how much it costs but have...
And i guess the difference between a normal RLBL Anthony 40R and this one with the wider Garrison lapels is about $250 at least! http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=227848 Wouldn't move here at $580 and eventually went on ebay for $325.
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