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Another vote for laces as I'm just not a fan of the laceless one.
I didn't get a chance to drop by wjk last time I was in Tokyo. I guess my wallet is safe this time, but I will definitely have to check out their store when I go back to Japan.
I'm selling my brand new pair of United Stock Dry Goods 5 pocket navy chinos. Size 29 made in the USA. I'm selling it because the waist is too large, definitely more roomy than their size 29 denim which fits perfect. Selling for $120 and retails for $175. Please PM me to discuss shipping options.
I'm selling my United Stock Dry Goods 5 pocket grey denim in 29 waist size. The fit is their narrow fit which is a slim fit. The fit is perfect and I'm selling it because I have no need for a second pair of grey denim. It's brand new and retails for $150. Please PM me to discuss shipping to USA/Canada.
I'm selling the Allen Edmonds Katmai 3-eye Suede Boot in size 8 for $200. This boot retails for $250. I've worn this shoe twice and it's too small for me. I purchased it online so I did not get a chance to try it out beforehand. Details: 1 Last (511) 3 Eyelets Rubber sole Please PM me to discuss shipping with USA or Canada.
I wear a snug 8D for my Park Avenues on last 5. I'm looking at buying a shoe with the hiro last, and was wondering if I should go 7UK or 7.5UK?. Meermin suggested 7UK, but I'm leaning more towards the 7.5UK as I'm worried the 7UK might be slightly small. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
I'm willing to proxy jackets from Zara. Please PM me with item details, and to discuss shipping options.
I'm just not too fond of pull loops. Is this a new trend or have they always been around?
This winter has been terrible for salt on the side walk and as well as throughout the city. I've been doing my best to make sure to clean the salt off my Red Wing GTs. I've been applying Obenauf's Heavy Duty LP, but the salt has really damaged my shoes. It's harden and deformed the leather and I was wondering if there are any shoes products to soften it back to what is was before. Thanks.
I'm willing to proxy both a Junya Watanabe wool shirt and wool pants in size large. Please PM me to discuss shipping options.
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