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Treated with the wax that came with the boots, similar to dubbin.
^^^What the shit?! In other news, my boon dockers after 10 months: Brand new:
Thanks guys!This is a 50, not vested (the cameraman 'classic'). I sent back the 48 vested ('new' cameraman style), was a bit tight if I wanted to layer.Can't see it in the photos, but the indigo Harris tweed colour is incredible; a wide spectrum of blues and even some purple, I can take a photog in sunlight if anyone cares.
Just got my cameraman at a big discount from Kafka.co.uk in the classic style, navy/indigo combo. Quick pic pre-rainstorm in melbourne (happy to say it held up like a champ):
I'd return it, that's pretty much false advertising.
Well my Navy/Light Blue turned up, just a bit too tight, sending it back (unless anyone here wants it?). I could get away with it but I think I need to size up to wear it with any layering. Out of curiosity for those who own a cameraman, what size are you in Cabourn shirts?
Navy/Light Blue with the vest. Yep it all disappeared pretty sharp!
I grabbed the other cameraman, looking forward to it, hope the 48 will fit!
Hot damn, can't wait, thanks!
A derby shoe sounds fantastic, definitely interested in that makeup. Also someone posted some beautiful horsehide from Viberg's instagram, any idea if that's for a custom order, or for Viberg's online store?
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