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Looks good, any concerns in particular?
That does look shoddy.
Neelp3 - lovely boots, if you're getting heel slippage try proper boot socks, they tend to have much more grip and of course a thicker heel.
Oh good lord those are beautiful. Great buy.
That's really odd. If it helps, I find that Pieter (I think that's the guy who runs UShowU) responds very quickly to email in my experience.
Yes well said, these boots are very much designed with thicker boot socks in mind, much like narrow dress shoes are designed with dress socks in mind. I also do find, as I think someone mentioned, that even in hot climates thick socks doesn't really affect you as wearing thick jumpers/jackets would, I hardly notice a difference in terms of how I feel the temperature.
This is how I've sized Cabourn too, I size down on the Aircraft.
Thanks chaps.The "Brand New" pic I'm wearing selfedge X drybone's natural indigos, the "10 months" pic I'm wearing studio dartisan's Xs-33 'Christmas edition'.
Treated with the wax that came with the boots, similar to dubbin.
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