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Christ LouieBailie, who pissed into your coffee this morning? Maybe if you've just got snarky comments to add, perhaps just shut the fuck up? Yes width comes into play, but only once I'm assured I have the correct length; generally for size 10 boots I need an E, for 10.5 I need D. Thanks Leipegrey, I'll email again.
Not intentionally I've emailed White's and Baker's a while back with measurements and heard nothing. Stuck down here in Australia it's not very easy (impossible) to find a place to try on White's. Hence my question - 10 in Viberg 110 last, 10 in the 2030 last. 10-10.5 in Alden depending on last, 10 in Redwing GTs.
Hey chaps, if I'm size 10 in Viberg, can anyone recommend the size in White's standard semi-dress?
SO JEALOUS. You have my haterespect Westie.
Nothing really grabs me, I await round 2...
Wait that poster says 12 noon PST... Are you playing mind games already to get an edge or do you have fresh info?
They were listed as 'dark brown' originally but when I enquired, back when they were available, I was told merlot. The info could be wrong of course, maybe someone else knows more.
That's Merlot CXL.
Here's my pair that are natural CXL rough out, darkened via 3 applications of Dubbin and a year of wear.
My SFxViberg boots, must be coming up to 6 months soon. Aaaand my Viberg boondockers, 1 year almost and a fresh coat of dubbin. Here they are upon arrival a year back:
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