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Thanks mate. Yes it was neutral wax, and indeed it was wax (seemed like beeswax to me, in terms of texture and consistency, all gone now!). Edit: A good 'just before waxing' shot: Here are my Viberg boondockers (their first release on the 110 last), a few weeks of wear, just before I waxed 'em: Here's some fresh pics after quite a lot of walking yesterday:
Will do Charlie, can post a few more pics this weekend if the sun comes out, they've aged quite a bit since I took those photos!
I waxed my Viberg boondockers a while back, very happy with how they turned out. I used wax supplied by Viberg, I think a good grease would work just as well. Before: After:
That Indigo Mallory is screaming my name... Must resist...
Thanks mate, hopefully someone snags 'em soon!
Oh lord, I just clicked BK's instagram. That amount of shell was not meant for mortal eyes...
Good lord bkotsko, how long have you had them? 2030 last? Gorgeous.
Just like white trainers, I think after getting a bit beaten up they'll look incredible.
Oh my that guidi leather looks incredible.
Hell yes, great toe shape.
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