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Just like white trainers, I think after getting a bit beaten up they'll look incredible.
Oh my that guidi leather looks incredible.
Hell yes, great toe shape.
Try living in Australia, close to an extra 100USD for shipping!
Agreed, it'll be one of those situations where even after the discount it would bug you every time you wear them. It's like finding a hair in your bowl of cereal; it might be delicious cereal, but goddammit you can't stop focusing on that hair.
Very nice.
Only if you hold me first!
Sorry dude stocks in Viberg are now plummeting, you'll be lucky to get ten bux for 'em now! Meanwhile buy my Aldens, stock is on the rise! In all seriousness, Viberg will no doubt reply and offer compensation, one way or another, and continue to produce awesome boots. Why are you getting rid of the boots Sazon, wrong size?
I think that's an unacceptable gash asininetime, especially considering the disingenuous framing of the boot on the site. Taking into account price, it borders on the ludicrous; that's almost 2 pairs of handcrafted, customised White's. Hopefully it's resolved, in my experience Viberg have been a really great group of people to deal with.
I can't get behind the wedge soles, some people pull it off but it's too casual looking to me.
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