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Awesome buys rydenfan, any chance we can get some fit pics of the boots?
Excited for those receiving boots, pics as soon as they arrive people, let's live vicariously!
The only problems I've had have been with collaborations - one pair of NCxConverse I had to send back because the inside sole was all torn up, it was the strangest thing.
Just to add to Lifeinabox, you also need to consider the last: nearly all of Viberg's lasts are too bulky to really 'dress up'. The 2030 in cordovan would perhaps do the job for dress slacks, but I can think of little else.
I'd agree that the Cameraman needs layering to be proper winter proof, but for mild, rainy Australian winters it does me just fine!
Holy hell those guidis are beauties, congrats.
I think the 2045 last is great. 2030 is definitely the gateway drug of Viberg, but soon after you will begin to appreciate the other more work boot-esque lasts. I'm with you jimanchower, I try and keep my rotation to 4 boots, hence (in part) my signature...
This is a pair of Lone Wolf Carpenter boots in brown, size 9.5. They were a risk for me, considering I'm a 10-11 in all other boot brands, but this is the largest size they do and I couldn't resist rolling the dice. Turns out they are just a hair too small for me. My loss, your gain. Incredible craftsmanship, gorgeous cat's paw NOS soles. Outer sole measures 31.5cm. 500450 shipped within Australia, anywhere else contact me and we'll work something out.
I gotta say guys (though if you're taking pleasure in the boot, good for you) - generally if a boot is causing you pain, that's not just "par for the course" wearing boots: it means that the last isn't suited to your foot, or you sized wrong. In many cases I've read here, I'm baffled as to why the person isn't selling the boot on (especially Vibergs seem to retain their value) and getting the proper size/different last that you'd be much happier with in the long term.
I'm with you meso - though I own and love my 2030s, I'm really looking forward to a few more 2040s coming onto the market. Perhaps we hope in vain!
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