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Added to that, is anywhere still selling moose leather Vibergs? I know Tate & Yoko did a run ages ago...
Interesting Bobbo - same narrow fit from heel to mid-foot as 2030 then?
Mister Freedom Mechanic Shirt in XL, very rare right now. Asking $120, half the price of what it costs new. Sizing (inches): Chest 22 Shoulder 18.5 Sleeve 27 Back 31
Sugar Cane Work Shirt in Black with Red Polka Dots in a Corduroy fabric. Size is L, looking for $110 USD. Measurements: Chest 22 Shoulder 18 Sleeve 26 Back 28
Good God man this is from 3 years ago and the last post says 'Sold', how much clearer can it be?
Agree - I'd say half a size down from trubalance max.
Haha this is perfect.
Awesome Zissou.
Looks good to me, is that CXL?
I definitely recall Brett saying GYW is about making production more efficient with little net loss in terms of quality. Can anyone explain the relation between GYW and sleekness? Not heard of that before.
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