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Yep me too, very annoying. What the hell is going on with that site?
This is a vintage peacoat I bought ages ago from a dealer, I can't determine how old it is but it's great quality, very heavy wool, too warm for Australia (unless you live in Tassie!). Looking for $200. DROP TO $150. DROP TO $120! Labelled for a 42R, but being vintage this was made for a bigger fit. If you want a slim fit, this will easily fit a 44. P2P - 23 Shoulder - 19.5 Sleeves - 26 Back - 30
This is an NdG wool blazer with asymmetrical pocket. Amazing piece, I absolutely love the detailing and design, but too big now I've lost weight. Since NdG closed this is of course enormously rare. Usual quality from NdG, made in Japan, beautiful buttons, very warm wool, slim fit. Asking $250. Measurements (inches): P2P - 22 Back - 29 Shoulders - 18.5 Sleeves - 27
This is a Neal Cassady Vintage Railroad Shirt as seen here - http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/speedway-shop/item/623001/ Great quality, as expected from Freewheelers. Too big for me now after losing weight. Asking $100 shipped anywhere. Measurements (inches): P2P - 21.5 Back - 29 Sleeve - 25 Shoulders - 18
This is a Mister Freedom NOS hickory stripe shirt in size 16.5 (L). DROP TO $125. You all know the high quality of Christophe's stuff; beautiful fabric, gorgeous buttons, amazing attention to detail. Seen here for more details - http://www.misterfreedom.com/?p=1892 Too big for me now sadly after losing some weight. Measurements (inches): P2P - 20.5 Shoulders - 18.5 Back - 29.5 Sleeves - 24.25
Thanks mate, quick fit pic for those interested, I'm wearing a size 50, I'm 6'2 85kg (this is after a 24 hour flight home to Melbourne though, so not looking the best!):
Just found and ordered the chambray medical shirt at a large discount on rakuten, apparently it was originally $650?! Got it for $220, looks very well made from the pictures and I love the styling. Anyone have hands-on experience with it, worth the price? I also picked up the Merz B Schwanen collab grandad shirt in military green, absolutely fantastic piece. Normally I'm a fan of Merz B Schwanen over the Cabourn collab, but they knocked this one out of the park; sumptuous...
Has anyone got a granddad rugby shirt? I'm generally a 50 in Cabourn shirts, but going from measurements looks like a 52 in granddad shirts (I'm a 20.5" chest).
What last are these on mate?
Great advice, thanks guys. Actually my cobbler round the corner does exactly that stretching on a machine, might give it a go.
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