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This is a pair of Common Projects work boots in size 42. For reference I wear an Achilles 43 and these fit perfectly, though I should say I wear thin dress socks with these. Classic, minimal styling from CP, solid construction and will last years. Originally retailed for $600 USD, looking for 200. Shipping within Australia is $10 USD, international contact me and we'll figure something out. Styleforum's uploading is a bit wonky right now, so here's links to pics, I'll...
This is a Post Overalls Olive Cruzer 5-W Jacket in size L. Amazing fabric, construction and detailing, but too big for me. I paid $400, selling for 220 USD 150USD. Shipping is $5 within Australia, for international PM me and we'll figure it out. Measurements (inches): P2P - 23.5 Back - 28.5 Shoulders - 19 Arm - 21 Taken from website: Inspired by the American machine age and the anonymous yet iconic apparel worn by the workers that powered the US through through the...
Size? Measurements?
It's telling me that's not valid?
They didn't *seem to* for me, but then again I'm unclear whether or not VAT is added in the first place; they don't state either way. I ordered to Australia and at no stage in the process was there any notification of VAT added or deducted, not even on the invoice I'm staring at right now. Odd.
Quick question chaps. On most websites the ventile taped aircraft jacket is described as having 'Rear Collar Flap to Secure Roll-Away Hood'. Now, on the standard aircraft jacket I see how this is possible, you've got a metal popper on the rear of the collar and on the inside flap which the Cabourn label is sown to. However, I definitely don't have the same thing on my ventile taped jacket. Is this just a case of mindless copy/pasting between two different products, or am...
Ah ok Phil .A familiar sensation!
Thanks chaps. Phil, is there something behind that almost-ellipsis? Does it look off or do you have any advice in terms of outfit?
Received the taped aircraft jacket today, great construction quality, colour will take a bit of getting used to in terms of what it goes with.
New Posts  All Forums: