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Great pic. UShowU stocks a lot of great brands and has solid customer service in my experience; good on 'em.
That sounds perfect for A, Fok. What are people's thoughts in regards to A being on a different last? I own a 2030 and have to admit even for my average to slim feet, it is narrow. It fits me well but for others it might kill. How about the 110 or 2040 last people?
I went TTS on my usual US size, but feet are obviously the hardest goddamn item to offer sizing advice on, so YMMV.
Gorgeous, could you post the specs?
Excellent, can't wait to get one!
I'm with you, asides from I think it would be best to get that build brand new, as opposed to pre-distressed. But I think once broken in, with a good 6 months wear, they will look amazing with the antiqued brass eyelets.
For those who voted the black boot options: would any prefer brass eyelets over gunmetal? I would.
Christ, a sleeping shirt?! Decadent Sir!
Yes I think it is some stab at historical verisimilitude, as is the norm with Cabourn. Yet I wish that the numbers on these garments actually signified something concrete and consistent; i.e. that a 50 represented a 40" chest, regardless of garment. Wishful thinking I guess…!
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