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Yes 8.5 is a safe bet if you're an 8 on the 2040, generally I've read that you should go up half a size for the 2030 from your 2040 size.
I think that's a good estimation rydenfan, half a size down from Barrie sounds about right.
Hey Slab, As someone now selling his Vibergs because he picked the wrong size, maybe I'm not the best qualified to talk, but let me offer what I can based on my experience. I would go TTS on what you wear in Alden Trubalance. I sized down 0.5 on my Alden Trubalance to a 9.5 because I planned on wearing thin dress socks with them (Indy boots). Whilst this works, the left Alden boot definitely feels tight and my toes are right at the limit. I somehow assumed this would...
This kills me, but after a few wears of this boot over the past week, it's clear that I need half a size bigger. I will take $550 for these, which is a big hit on what I paid (follow the link below to check). Shipping will be low within Australia. I'm willing to ship international but to figure out cost PM me. For reference, I think the 2030 last fits pretty similar to the Alden Trubalance (most Indy boots) last, so I would go for the same size. I.e., if you wear a 9.5...
That's a deposit price. Full price is listed in the details.
Awesome thanks again Fok. I'm just waiting to pull the trigger now! Also Morgan received my tracing yesterday and let me know he'd be in touch asap with sizing recommendations, so hopefully it all comes together today or tomorrow and I can get in on the first 4!
Thanks Fok. If it's of any use Ryan from 4Horsemen confirmed he can do it when ordering me a pair of the 4HM collab, so hopefully it's possible.As soon as you can confirm I'll order, but I might switch to the icy cxl as my black boots need could be filled by 4HM.
Excellent, let us know when they're live Fok. Do you know yet whether it will be possible to make an order for different foot sizes?
This is a pair of Nom De Guerre trousers in black and grey pinpoint wool, cupra lining. Elegant, great fabric, excellent construction (made in Japan), versatile. Originally retailed for $400, I'm looking for $100 as a quick sale. Shipping within Australia is $10, anywhere else PM me and we'll sort something amenable out. Filled with intricate touches like the hidden coin pocket. Measurements (inches): Waist: 34 Thigh: 12 Hem: 7.5 Inseam: 34 Allows for an additional...
Definitely Fok, if possible, I've no problem with paying upfront. I've got a pair of 2030s in 9.5 and the left is a bit too tight lengthwise; measuring up my left is approx 1.5cm longer than my right.
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