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It's telling me that's not valid?
They didn't *seem to* for me, but then again I'm unclear whether or not VAT is added in the first place; they don't state either way. I ordered to Australia and at no stage in the process was there any notification of VAT added or deducted, not even on the invoice I'm staring at right now. Odd.
Quick question chaps. On most websites the ventile taped aircraft jacket is described as having 'Rear Collar Flap to Secure Roll-Away Hood'. Now, on the standard aircraft jacket I see how this is possible, you've got a metal popper on the rear of the collar and on the inside flap which the Cabourn label is sown to. However, I definitely don't have the same thing on my ventile taped jacket. Is this just a case of mindless copy/pasting between two different products, or am...
Ah ok Phil .A familiar sensation!
Thanks chaps. Phil, is there something behind that almost-ellipsis? Does it look off or do you have any advice in terms of outfit?
Received the taped aircraft jacket today, great construction quality, colour will take a bit of getting used to in terms of what it goes with.
I've got the strangest problem with my Bosey boots after wearing them for a day. I noticed that the left heel was rubbing. The problem is a load of surplus fabric for some reason stitched to the inside left heel. Removing the foam sole, the problem is clearly illustrated: Right boot (normal): Left boot (odd): Anyone have a similar issue or bit of fabric? What's going on?
This is a Nigel Cabourn Aircraft Jacket in Vintage Red. Waterproof, highly wind resistant (perhaps entirely windproof?), made from Ventile fabric, gorgeous construction. Looking for the frankly silly price of $200 so I can buy a few more Cabourn things. Cabourn size 48, otherwise a size L - Measurements in inches: P2P: 23.5 Back: 26 Raglan shoulder Sleeve: 21 Taken from the website: Inspired by pieces from his personal collection of original military clothing, which...
Thanks for the feedback guys, I think I'll keep it, I really like its design and functionality. Also agree that workwear (and hikerdelia, great term!) are still very much a niche men's fashion, hopefully we gain a bit more acceptance down the road from our other halves . Blaugrana - can we get fit pics of the camo jacket? Sounds great. Also fit pics of the yellow jacket? That's my favourite but *damn* is it expensive compared to the untaped aircraft jacket! edit 2: Ok I...
So I grabbed the aircraft jacket in red and really like it, but my girlfriend thinks it looks horrible on me. What's everyone's opinion on it and the fit? Keep it or sell it on?
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