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Don't get me wrong, they're fantastic in terms of construction and fabric, which is why I own so many. But it's just bizarre how a bigger size can fit smaller, and the smaller size can fit bigger!
Last SEH Kelly responded, the Donegal blazer wasn't being replaced as much as it was coming out in a slightly different fabric; can't wait to see what it is.
Has anyone found that the sizing of Cabourn henleys (produced in collaboration with the excellent Merz B Schwanen) is, for lack of a better term, fucking mental?! I own a few, the rugby shirt in a size 52 which is tight, and two henleys in 50 which are loose. How the hell are the 50s bigger than the 52s from the same factory?!
With all the furore around the 2030 (and I'd definitely be up for purchasing boots on a different last), I thought it might be useful, instead of posting just comparative brand sizes you wear, to post measurements of your largest foot and the Viberg size you are comfortable in. So for example my largest foot (left) measures 28.5cm in length and 10.8cm in width, and after a few days of breaking in I'm finding the 2030 last on a 9.5 fits quite well. A caveat is that I like...
Great job VLSI. Though to be honest, I would prefer to get these boots new instead of pre-distressed, breaking them in so that they perfectly shape to your foot is half the fun. Also the extra costs involved outweigh the benefits in my mind.
Great last few posts guys. it would really help if, like Fok, people posted comparisons between brands and fits. For example, I've recently received my pair of 2030s in Iced Mocha, bought a 9.5. I wear a 9.5 also on the Alden Trubalance last, a 43 Common Projects Achilles, a 10.5 Converse. It's definitely taking me a bit to break in the 2030s in 9.5, but I think I do have the kind of foot for them; thin and long. Still, they are definitely going to take a while to...
Stop teasing us Finn, what's the make up you're interested in? I'm sure a few of us would jump on it too!
This is a pair of Rogue Territory DBL Indigo Work Trousers. Handmade, very limited production, not available anymore. Since I've lost some weight they're a bit too big for me now. Still loads of life in them. $100 USD, free shipping in Australia, international PM me and we'll sort something out. Waist: 35" Front Rise: 11" Back Rise: 15" Upper Thigh: 12.25 Knee: 9.25" Leg opening: 8.5" Inseam: 33"
Link to the conversion charts? That's pretty useful information to have.
There's no hard and fast rule, like with every brand it depends upon their lasts and standard fit etc. For Viberg, go down a full size from your regular US.
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