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Generally calf will stretch quite a lot, but if the pinky is *extremely painful*, then sell on whilst they're very new, you'll get pretty much what you paid for back, then buy half a size up and take it as lesson learned. Beautiful shoes by the way.
Paypal payment only. These originally retailed for $575, I'm looking for $200. $10 delivery within Australia, abroad contact me and we'll figure something out. This is a pair of Common Projects Arctic Boots in size 43. One of the finest designs from CP, I love this boot, but I've moved to Australia and it's just too warm to be wearing such thick boots. They are extraordinarily comfortable, the leather is very soft and thick, and the sole is very supportive. You...
Thanks for the advice guys.Sadly, moving to Australia means I've not got any hope of trying on Aldens in a shop. I guess we'll see when they arrive whether or not going half a size down is right for me. Nervous times ahead!
Can anyone who owns both plaza and trubalance lasts compare the fit? I wear a 10D in plaza and have a 9.5D in trubalance on its way. Does that sound about right? Also maybe I should mention that the 10D is cordovan whilst the 9.5D will be chromexcel; for some reason I remember thinking that cordovan is a slightly larger fit than its chromexcel equivalent. I'm worried sizing down 1/2 might still leave the boot too big.
Paypal payment only. $10 delivery within Australia, abroad contact me and we'll figure something out. Engineered Garments Desert Pants, Olive, size 32. Worn for about a month and a half but still in top condition. Measurements: Waist: 16.5 inches Inseam: 32 inches Leg Opening: 8.5 inches $75
5 year anniversary, still going strong. In full sunlight the colour is much closer to the first pic; second pic taken in dreary light.
That is an insane coincidence, I just bought pretty much that exact same BR loop wheel, wish I'd seen that first, though I only paid a few dollars more.
This is one of The Strike Gold's famous Heavy Loopwheeled Sweatshirts, size L. Worn twice, when washed the vertical length is *just* too short for my 6'3 frame. I need to get the money to buy one in XL, asking $160 shipped anywhere. Paypal gift or add 4%. Measurements (in inches): Chest: 42 Vertical Length: 27 Sleeve: 26.5 Shoulder: 19
My Alden #8 captoes 4 years on.
My Alden #8 captoes 4 years on.
New Posts  All Forums: