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Definitely Fok, if possible, I've no problem with paying upfront. I've got a pair of 2030s in 9.5 and the left is a bit too tight lengthwise; measuring up my left is approx 1.5cm longer than my right.
Also, this is probably obvious but in this custom order can we order different sizes for each foot? E.g. I'd like a 10 for my left and. 9.5 for my right. Can we do that?
Come on people! A on the 2040 with brass eyelets! Regardless Fok, even with the standard makeup described for the poll, I'm in.
Thanks for the info pasteurisation, I think I'll go half a size down from my Trubalance size for 110. Those Boondockers are calling my name...
Do you mean 14 oz? If so yes, I think they arrive September in the store. It's a shop in Berlin. edit: here's the only pic I could find btw
What a gentleman Fok.
I'm definitely up for the A in the 2040. Anyone else? edit: to give a clear idea, borrowing Finn's pics, the 2040 last:
Great pic. UShowU stocks a lot of great brands and has solid customer service in my experience; good on 'em.
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