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Link to the conversion charts? That's pretty useful information to have.
There's no hard and fast rule, like with every brand it depends upon their lasts and standard fit etc. For Viberg, go down a full size from your regular US.
Yes I'm quite sure cordovan is off the table for Viberg at the moment. I'm well up for some black boots though (already have my iced mochas!). Thanks for all the work Fok. edit: Quick question apropos my new boots. Has anyone had any discomfort around the ankle/shin area, specifically on mine near the top eyelets of the left boot. It feels like the tongue, leather laces, or combination thereof are digging into the top of my ankle. Anyone experienced this? Will it go...
Strike Gold SOLD. Eternal 811s, size 33. Hemmed to a 32.5" inseam (still chain stitched). Very lightly worn, some light fading as seen in the photos. Looking for $85. Shipping is $10 within Australia, international buyers PM me and we'll sort something out both parties are happy with.
Thanks Fok, exciting stuff, and some really great suggestions ITT.
Sweet Jesus, someone get me a towel to wipe the drool.
Definitely Slab. Anyone with more knowledge about Viberg care to whip up some specifics for each? For example: Joona would you care to offer specs for a plain toe black service boot? The images you've supplied are absolutely the kind of boot I'd be after.
Either of these look amazing, I'm definitely up for something in black if we can get enough orders.
Just added some venetian cream as they were a bit dry out of the box, now I can leave them for a few months to just accumulate some wear and tear. Venetian cream is amazing though, so quick and easy, and always brings the shine out regardless of leather (I even use it on my cordovan to similar effect).
Thanks Fok.This is the most original rationale I've ever read for a pair of boots, very cool.
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