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I gotta say guys (though if you're taking pleasure in the boot, good for you) - generally if a boot is causing you pain, that's not just "par for the course" wearing boots: it means that the last isn't suited to your foot, or you sized wrong. In many cases I've read here, I'm baffled as to why the person isn't selling the boot on (especially Vibergs seem to retain their value) and getting the proper size/different last that you'd be much happier with in the long term.
I'm with you meso - though I own and love my 2030s, I'm really looking forward to a few more 2040s coming onto the market. Perhaps we hope in vain!
Look great, nothing wrong with CXL.
Agreeing with others that it's mostly likely rubbing your heels against chair legs, I've had quite similar wear patterns. Thanks for posting that up Diabolical, very handy!
The oiled cloth Everest looks fantastic.
Thanks mate. Yes it was neutral wax, and indeed it was wax (seemed like beeswax to me, in terms of texture and consistency, all gone now!). Edit: A good 'just before waxing' shot: Here are my Viberg boondockers (their first release on the 110 last), a few weeks of wear, just before I waxed 'em: Here's some fresh pics after quite a lot of walking yesterday:
Will do Charlie, can post a few more pics this weekend if the sun comes out, they've aged quite a bit since I took those photos!
I waxed my Viberg boondockers a while back, very happy with how they turned out. I used wax supplied by Viberg, I think a good grease would work just as well. Before: After:
That Indigo Mallory is screaming my name... Must resist...
Thanks mate, hopefully someone snags 'em soon!
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