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^^^Listen to this man.
Added to that, is anywhere still selling moose leather Vibergs? I know Tate & Yoko did a run ages ago...
Interesting Bobbo - same narrow fit from heel to mid-foot as 2030 then?
Mister Freedom Mechanic Shirt in XL, very rare right now. Asking $120, half the price of what it costs new. Sizing (inches): Chest 22 Shoulder 18.5 Sleeve 27 Back 31
Sugar Cane Work Shirt in Black with Red Polka Dots in a Corduroy fabric. Size is L, looking for $110 USD. Measurements: Chest 22 Shoulder 18 Sleeve 26 Back 28
Good God man this is from 3 years ago and the last post says 'Sold', how much clearer can it be?
Agree - I'd say half a size down from trubalance max.
Haha this is perfect.
Awesome Zissou.
Looks good to me, is that CXL?
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