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Hey guys, Rydenfan - The 9.5 Vibergs I'm selling are on the 2030 last. They are half a size too small. In fact my left foot is half a size bigger than my right (10.5vs10), so they're really a size too small for my left foot, but with a bit of stretching a 10 in 2030 would fit me fine. My 110s are size 10. Fit like a glove from day 1, my left foot is definitely filling the boot lengthwise, maybe a tad much, but absolutely no discomfort. Dino19 - I have narrow feet (as a...
Thanks Guy, and yes he beat me to it b-ewing, lined vamp, they feel beautiful on, even from day 1 it was like a pair of slippers. edit: asides from the tongue, being CXL, needs a few days to break in and soften up!
Thanks chaps, loving these boots even more as they get some wear and tear.
Hey mate, Same size in both lasts. The 110 is shorter but wider than the 2030. I have quite narrow feet, so the narrowness of the 2030 doesn't really affect me so much.
Yep, bought them and couldn't be happier. the 110 last is very comfortable, the construction and materials are absolutely superb, and I love how they're aging.Quick pic as I'm wearing them today; as I am... Most days now to be honest, even sold my Alden Indys last week as they get zero wear now I've got these and more Vibergs incoming.
Awesome, thanks!
Gorgeous. Full specs Steel? Is that the merlot cxl leather?
SOLD! 2 hours after putting up, is this a record?
Ironically, I am a 10, but I sized down half in these because for some stupid reason I decided I wanted to wear dress socks with them. After a while, I realised I in fact preferred wearing normal socks, another reason I don't wear them often .
I'm conflicted about this, but after getting some Vibergs, and with more on the way, I'm just not going to wear these enough anymore. If you're looking at this you know the boot, the quality, the history. Selling cheap for a quick sale, and out of a sense of guilt that these should be getting more wear! $350. Shipping from Australia, PM me for shipping costs.
New Posts  All Forums: