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This is size XL, asking 150USD, 50% of what it cost from SelfEdge. Shipping free within Australia, International PM me and we'll figure something worthwhile out. Measurements (inches): P2P - 22" Shoulders - 18.5" Length - 29" Arms - 25" Description: This shirt design is based on a style sold at the 1934 Chicago World’s Fair “Century of Progress.” Every original and distinctive styling feature found on the vintage shirt that inspired this recreation has been...
Yes I think it's a partially constructed toe giving them that slightly bulbous profile, which I quite like.
Thanks Fok, here's a better angle:
As mentioned in the other thread Meso, great looking boot. I'm also very partial to the Burg & Schild collab with Viberg, which I'd love to see available for Styleforum x Viberg Round 2! Anyone know what last these boots are on?
Thanks for the very useful info all. Me length is 29cm and width is 11cm. So I think my length is good for size 10 on the 110 last but the width will be too much... They should arrive tomorrow so I'll let you all know.
Looks pretty great to me Meso. Thanks for the info Fok, good stuff
If it sways your choice, you can still be one of the first 4 to order black service boots, which qualifies you for the 'big incentive' Fok mentioned. The first 4 spots have been filled for the ice mocha.
Does anyone use inserts with their Vibergs? If so, what do you go for? I'm receiving the boon dockers in size 10, but not sure if they'll be a bit big for me, so might have to use inserts. If anyone owns the 110 last I'd be happy to hear your thoughts on how they fit in relation to other last/brands.
Enough for it to go ahead Slab, whilst I think us Black Service Boot advocates still need a few more…
Sounds about right CHRK33, and I for one would be very interested in a burgundy French calf boot.
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