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Heel slippage generally goes away after a period of wear, after that time (around 2 weeks) it's still slipping, then maybe inserts.
After a lot of wear, gave my boondockers some dubbin treatment. Only the vamp and counter for now.
Looking great guys.
Thanks for all the hard work Fok, much appreciated mate!
All awesome, looking forward to receiving!
Awesome news Guy, can't wait to receive 'em!
Good lord... Post as many as you want Finn!
Independence are doing some great deals right now. If I actually needed any more clothes, I'd be snapping this stuff up.
I'm definitely holding out on cordovan leather for my third and final pair of Vibergs for the foreseeable future. Great boots Finn, if I didn't have a pair of black Vibergs winging their way to me I'd snap a pair up.
Take note that I'm wearing a henley tee underneath, not any kind of shirt, so that gives me some extra room in the jacket. The picture obviously cannot convey the feel of the jacket, but I can tell you if you're a similar frame, that sizing down would be too tight; I would really caution against it. Then again I know the current fashion is to wear everything skin tight, which I'm not really into. But if you do, good luck to you, and post pics!
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