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Large is sold out already? Sweet Jesus!
Looks like Icy Mocha/Natural CXL to me.
This page is filled with gorgeous boots.
Fascinating Fok, can't wait for part 3.
Out of curiosity, how many boots do you own Finn? And out of that lot, how have you not got some dressy boots!
Agreed, I think this is what clothing is in essence (in affluent society anyway); a fantasy of the Self (Jungian Self) made material.We've all had the moment where we absolutely, instantly, irrationally fall in love with an object of clothing. What is that reaction if not your unconscious yelling "that is who I want to be!"
I think this absolutely nails it.
Good lord the red french calf sounds incredible, count me in for that.
Can't believe more people didn't order the black boot, looks gorgeous, can't wait to receive 'em!
Depends on how the length suits you Steel. The length for the 110 is noticeably shorter than the 2030 (or 2040, afaik). So, if your foot fits nicely into the length of the 2030 in a size 8.5, get an 8.5 in the 110, as if you go 8, your toes might be poking out the end.
New Posts  All Forums: