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Awesome, thanks!
Gorgeous. Full specs Steel? Is that the merlot cxl leather?
SOLD! 2 hours after putting up, is this a record?
Ironically, I am a 10, but I sized down half in these because for some stupid reason I decided I wanted to wear dress socks with them. After a while, I realised I in fact preferred wearing normal socks, another reason I don't wear them often .
I'm conflicted about this, but after getting some Vibergs, and with more on the way, I'm just not going to wear these enough anymore. If you're looking at this you know the boot, the quality, the history. Selling cheap for a quick sale, and out of a sense of guilt that these should be getting more wear! $350. Shipping from Australia, PM me for shipping costs.
Eagerly looking forward to more Fok.
Great stuff Fok! Also lovely boots Meso; fit pics?
In my experience chaps, if the boot is causing that much pain/discomfort, it's either not the right last, or the right size for your foot. The boots I'm selling were just half a size too small, and caused pain (nothing like blisters though). They just didn't feel comfortable on my foot. The boon dockers I'm wearing now, in the correct size, were just comfortable from day 1. The right last, the right boot, you won't even feel like you're breaking them in hardly.
This looks great, I might have done the reverse but it looks good.Can you walk us through how you did it? Thinking of doing similar to my own boon dockers.
New Posts  All Forums: