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I think Fok is planning for the excavated black calf, and also (maybe) a boot on the 110; I'd be well up for both.
After wearing a boot on the 110 last, I am all for it, it's such a comfortable last with zero break in time (if you pick the right size).
Haha cheers b-ewing, I wouldn't expect a call anytime soon mate .
Thanks chaps. Xander - in addition to the boots, Morgan included some insoles, a hand-written card (with additional cards) and a pot of wax, at first glance I believe beeswax but I could be wrong.
Just received my boon dockers in the mail, fantastic service from Morgan et al. I ordered the same size I am in Alden Trubalance and it's a perfect fit.
Hey mate, nice boots. You might want to list the last they are on, as last is a massive contributor to the fit of a Viberg. Don't take my word for it, but they look like they're on the 110 last.
Thanks Fok, that's very clear.
In that case Rydenfan, yes, but I believe the way Fok explained it, it was 1 out of every 4. Let's wait for Fok to clarify for us.
Just to understand this Fok, are the first 4 buyers also entered into the "lottery" to get their boots for deposit only once there are more than 4 purchases? Or is it only, say, buyers 5-8 who get entered?
Beautiful slim fit Rogue Territory work shirt, made of a heavy chambray that'll keep you warm coming into winter (for you Northern hemisphere folk anyway!). Triple chain stitched, selvage lining, cat's eye buttons, great craftsmanship. In great condition, bit too big for me though. Measurements (inches): P2P: 22" Shoulder: 18" Sleeve: 25.5" Length: 28"
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