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Hey Fok, did you happen to hear anything back in terms of ordering different sizes per boot? If possible I'd love to be able to get my black service boot in 10.5 for my left and 10 for my right!
"Narrow" is relative, in this instance to Viberg's other lasts. It's not narrow when compared to Alden lasts at all.
God no, I hate looking at pics of gorgeous Viberg boots in the Viberg thread!!!Heh. Now THAT'S sarcasm .But seriously, post pics.
This hinges upon whether you wear thick or thin socks in your 10 Trubalance, since you will need to wear thick socks with your Vibergs, dress socks won't cut it.If you wear thick socks in your 10, then order the same in Viberg.Basically Trubalance and Viberg's 2030 last fit very similar to me (in terms of sizing, both have differences in shape).For reference: I'm 10 in Trubalance, 10 in 2030 and 110 Viberg.
Great choice Teger.
Considering there's (going by what I currently know) just myself and one another person ordering the black service boot, how does my mystery partner feel about changing the eyelets from gunmetal to brass? The placeholder pic on the preorder shows brass eyelets, and I think they look great, and probably better than gunmetal would be. Would that be a possible change Fok?
Good GOD those boots are beautiful.
I think that's a bit of hyperbole, though well-intended. As brass doesn't rust it definitely means you've got a great chance of your boots lasting longer, but there are many other factors that feed into longevity; issues of sourcing and construction etc. Luckily Viberg seems to have those covered too.
Great, thanks Fok.
I plumped for the black boot, but for my 2 cents I agree the dark brown tongue would look better. edit: Also Fok - if we don't reach enough orders for the black service boot, can we have the option of transferring our order into round 2 directly? A natural transition for me would be to the black french calf, though I don't want it pre-distressed, if we can order it with that option!
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