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Just received mine (size L). Amazing fabric, construction (my girlfriend refuses to believe how cheap these are for the quality), great service from Paul and co.
Do you ship internationally Tim?
Great boots Edmund. My boon dockers coming up to 2 months of wear. Indigo stains! Indents from wrapping the laces:
If the mystery buyer is reading this, would he mind letting us know the details of the boot makeup? Also, what's an approximate cost for this MTO?
Whilst we ruminate on designs gents, for your consideration, service boot in guidi horsehide; I'd be well up for this:
The eternal conundrum, leather or waxed laces? For my 2 cents, I'd go waxed laces on these, until they're all beaten up, then switch to leather.
Do you generally get a notification of shipment when ordering via the website? I ordered the blazer late Thursday night and haven't had any notice asides from notification of payment.
That looks magnificent. I'm well up for a boot based on that and/or English Tan.
Screw it, went with the grey one, think it'll match more of my wardrobe! Can't wait for it to be delivered, thought it might take a while to get all the way to Oz!
Never thought I'd be interested in the crazy Mallory, but damn some of these are looking good.
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