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Can anyone let me know what their experience is of the pit-to-pit of the seam sealed cameraman in 48? I'm reading varying measurements, some say it's 22" others that it's 20.5. I could do the former but not the latter, I need to at least fit a shirt underneath!
Goddamn, this page has started well. Those cinnamons are gorgeous.
GOOD GOD JohnnyRich those shells are stunning. Details man, details! If it's at all possible we could do a Styleforum MTO, Fok just take my bank account.
Just get the 50, better to size up than size down. Any tailor worth a damn can bring the chest in, if required.
That looks great, but yeah the length is really short on you. Hope it works out!
^^^ Not crazy, something's not right... Got any closer pics?Well it's all relative of course. CXL used by Viberg is thinner than the Oil Tan produced for Viberg by Seidel, and so on.
^^^Wearing these right now and couldn't be happier, even got each boot sized differently due to Fok's hard work, so they fit each foot perfectly.
The real problem lies in the fact that uniform sizing is a fiction that continues to perpetuate. There is no such thing as 'US' and 'UK' sizing in terms of a standard, quantifiable measurement. Especially today, there are only brand sizes as reliable indicators of how a shoe will fit for you foot. A size 10 in Nike is not the same as a size 10 in Adidas, regardless of whether they're both UK/US, and so on. So, as rough as it is, we make comparisons such as: an Alden...
Good God man, how much clearer can I be.Whatever size is printed on your Alden Barrie, order that exact same size for your Vibergs.E.g. - If printed on the inside of your Alden boot is '10', order a 10 for your Vibergs. Forget any notions of conversion.Simply order exactly the same number.
Match means match, semantically it becomes pretty useless otherwise.To make it as basic as possible: whatever NUMBER your Alden Barrie is, go for exactly that in Viberg. 10=10, and so on.Depends on the company, Barneys have been known to list an American interpretation of Viberg's sizing, whilst others will give the Viberg size as printed on the boot.
New Posts  All Forums: