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^^^What the shit?! In other news, my boon dockers after 10 months: Brand new:
Thanks guys!This is a 50, not vested (the cameraman 'classic'). I sent back the 48 vested ('new' cameraman style), was a bit tight if I wanted to layer.Can't see it in the photos, but the indigo Harris tweed colour is incredible; a wide spectrum of blues and even some purple, I can take a photog in sunlight if anyone cares.
Just got my cameraman at a big discount from in the classic style, navy/indigo combo. Quick pic pre-rainstorm in melbourne (happy to say it held up like a champ):
I'd return it, that's pretty much false advertising.
Well my Navy/Light Blue turned up, just a bit too tight, sending it back (unless anyone here wants it?). I could get away with it but I think I need to size up to wear it with any layering. Out of curiosity for those who own a cameraman, what size are you in Cabourn shirts?
Navy/Light Blue with the vest. Yep it all disappeared pretty sharp!
I grabbed the other cameraman, looking forward to it, hope the 48 will fit!
Hot damn, can't wait, thanks!
A derby shoe sounds fantastic, definitely interested in that makeup. Also someone posted some beautiful horsehide from Viberg's instagram, any idea if that's for a custom order, or for Viberg's online store?
Thanks for the advice Mon Dieu, we'll see when it arrives. As Find Finn says, you might want to remove that advert before you get the ban hammer. Put it up on SF market, and then in your sig like so. VVV
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