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Ah yes, scout boots they are.
I think they might be selling them at super denim in the UK? I'm also selling that but with a toecap.
Christ, I only just clicked the link! Barneys are charging a hefty premium for Viberg…! Still, unless something goes horribly wrong you'll be getting your money back no?
Yeah hopefully it works out, can't wait. Morgan is a great guy, he absolutely nailed my size from my tracings, hope it works out!
Seconding Fok's advice, Barneys are really confusing the issue. Order both, figure out your size, send back.
Congrats Rydenfan, and thanks for following upmthemistmatched sizes Fok, I actually emailed Guy about it a while ago and he said it's no problem, so hopefully I get my mismatched pair of beauties!
This is a pair of Nigel Cabourn x Converse Hi Bosey boot in NATO green, size 10.5UK. After trying them on for a day, they are too small. Looking to get a portion of the money back to buy a larger pair whilst stocks last! Asking $80. Shipping free within Australia, international PM me and we'll work it out. As described by the brand: Converse First String aligns with premium British clothiers- Nigel Cabourn, to offer heritage military inspired footwear for S/S 2013....
All good stuff guys. My concept is similar to 4HM's black buffalo boots, but in a Navy Latigo combo and a slightly roomier last. Style: Service Boot Leather: Two-Tone- Vamp & Counter in Navy Latigo, Quarters in Navy Latigo Roughout. Last: 2040 Toe cap: None Sole: Natural edging, Dainite Hardware: 7 Brass Eyelets Tongue: Black Chromexcel Stitching: Blue Additional details: Pull-up Heel Tab So this leather for vamp and counter And this for the Quarters
Awesome, thanks Fok, and great idea for the raffle.
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