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Jesus that fatty calf leather looks sumptuous.
Thanks mate, hate to see it go but got a baby on the way and so indulgence on pieces I don't wear too often is not something I can afford...!
Samurai's 15th anniversary persimmon vest with Hemiji horse leather. Incredible quality, feels like wearing your favourite quilt, going to look amazing over time. Size XL, not available anywhere on the planet but here afaik. Paid $600, looking for $385 OBO. I grabbed the last image from a website as my iPhone can't capture the button well. Measurements: Chest - 23.5 Shoulder - 19 Length - 27
TCB 60s jacket, just a bit too short in length for my 6'2 frame (and I've got a longer torso to wit). Tagged 42. Measurements: Chest - 22 Shoulder - 19.5 Length - 25.5 Sleeves - 25.5
My favourite Mister Freedom piece: the Drover Blouse. I don't wear it enough here in Oz, someone needs to wear this thing! If you're an MF fan you know all about this - NOS quilted, horsehide leather sides, cuffs and strap, corozo buttons, the list continues... Tagged 40. Priced on MF website for $849 (out of stock), I'm looking for somewhere near $575. Measurements (inches): Chest - 23.5 Shoulders - 20 Back - 27 Sleeves - 27
Flat Head Winter Flannels, need to size up after putting on a bit of weight, yours for bargain prices! Priced to sell. Looking for $140 (plus shipping) for each. Measurements (inches): Chest - 21.5 Shoulder - 18.5 Vertical length- 27 Sleeve - 24.5
These are Samurai's black denim in the well-known 710 cut, 17oz, size 33. Just too many jeans at the moment, need to get rid of some! Worn about 6 or 7 times, soaked once. Measurements (inches): Waist: 34 Thigh: 11.7 Hem: 8 Length: 35 Looking for 200USD.
^^^This is all spot on advice.
Good lord man wear your beautiful boots; that has absolutely zero impact on functionality and is only noticeable if you get on the floor, crawl up close to your boot and stare at the stitching.
I think partial, yes; time will tell!
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