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Agree - I'd say half a size down from trubalance max.
Haha this is perfect.
Awesome Zissou.
Looks good to me, is that CXL?
I definitely recall Brett saying GYW is about making production more efficient with little net loss in terms of quality. Can anyone explain the relation between GYW and sleekness? Not heard of that before.
Zissou has a point; I couldn't exactly wear a chunky SNS Herning knit underneath. If that's what he's planning then yeah, maybe 48. But if it's just standard shirt/jumper combos, I'd go 46.7 and a half! Yeah I'm a 44" in circumference.
Agreed, I'm a 21-22 chest and I wear a 50, with room to wear a jumper. 46 for sure.
Ha, brilliant!
Must remind self that Australia has no need for an Everest Parka... What a deal...
Was in the Nigel Cabourn shop in London recently and they had an incredible Viberg boot makeup, in some kind of Navy rough out. Gorgeous.
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