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Ok I've been in denial long enough: I have long but very slim feet (11B or thereabouts). These John Lofgren cognac badalassi leather short shift engineers are gorgeous but too wide for my ridiculous feet. I'm looking to get some funds to buy Clinch CN boots (which everyone complains about, but the slimness is perfect for my foot!). These have had 2 weeks of wear, the badalassi cognac leather is *stunning*, and develops very quickly, as seen below. Willing to let them...
That's what happens when you wear them in?
Thanks mate. They're similar in my view to the fit of Alden trubalance. Similar heel and waist to Viberg 2030 but wider front.
Does anyone had advice for the 2005 last if I'm a 10.5 in the 2030 last?
Viberg Cordovan Captoes, 2030 last, size 10.5. These are now too formal for my style, which has moved to Engineer boot steez. Very light wear, as shown on the sole. Yours for $750 (Viberg cordovan normally goes for $1100-1200).
Last & Loom's The Boot. Whisky vamp/Brown counter. Size 11. Beautiful boot, not getting much wear. Looking for $250.
White's Semi-Dress in Sienna Buffalo. Double midsole, cuban heel. size 11C. Hardly any wear on these bad boys, just too heavy for my walking-intense day (7km a day). Looking for $250.
Viberg Boondockers, 110 last, size 10. These have seen quite a bit of wear as shown in pics, have been oiled, will last a lot longer, may need a resole in the next year. Yours for $200.
Some of those Vibergs on are looking mighty tempting with the tax free + sterling crash... Anyone experienced the Arabica suede in person?
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