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^^^This is all spot on advice.
Good lord man wear your beautiful boots; that has absolutely zero impact on functionality and is only noticeable if you get on the floor, crawl up close to your boot and stare at the stitching.
I think partial, yes; time will tell!
Thanks mate; I think they're black, but more than a few people have asked in person now if they're navy, which makes me wonder...
Got some cordovan Vibergs from forum member mdubs. Not used to an unstructured toe on a toecap, but we'll see how it progresses...
^^^Rydenfan knows what's up. Also Wigwam do good socks, and have a funny sounding name so that's 2 birds with 1 stone.
Also I bought a pair of cordovan black captoes on the 2030; will post pics when they arrive!
I wear 10.5 in most Alden and go 10.5 in the 2030 too. As rydenfan points out, socks can make a big difference, so if they're slightly big (and at worst, it'll be very slight), just grab a proper pair of wool boot socks and you're sorted.
Thanks for the tips on conditioning the oil slick leather lads, I'll leave it a while but good to know what to use when the time comes.
What do people use on their matte black leather? Specifically mine is the oil black:
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