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That tuxedo looks fantastic.
Over / under on how many days it takes Stitchy to have more posts than Greg in this thread...
I am seriously considering having trousers made and just wearing this as a suit a couple of times per year. I have serious concerns about how long the fabric in question would last as trousers, but I doubt I would wear a suit that bold particularly often in any event. In general I prefer the jacket with pale blue and pink shirts.
^ Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it or something like that.
No wool challenge where people have to wear both jacket and trousers made of either cotton or linen perhaps.
^^ I like that suit and tie a lot individually PP, but not sure I love them together there. Still very elegant (I still like the look) but I find grey monochromatic looks harder to pull off than a similar look in blue and thus my grey ties tend to find themselves worn with navy suits / blazers or sometimes a silvery tie will get worn with a charcoal suit. I think this is largely personal taste but am curious as to your thoughts on the subject.
I would avoid cutaway collars without a tie, but I see no issue wearing a moderate spread collar (like the ones on many CT shirts) in a business casual environment or without a tie. If you like button-down collars, they may work better as a casual alternative but you won't find many of them offered by CT.
^ I'd avoid the black grenadine at a festive occasion like a wedding, especially your own. Congratulations, btw. I think the grey POW from Kent Wang is your best option. It should look very elegant with the charcoal suit, white shirt and black shoes.
Wing collars should indeed be worn with white tie (preferably a shirt with a detachable collar). A turndown collar is perfectly acceptable for black tie and is probably more common. If you are going to wear the wing collar, I'd do it only with a peak lapel tuxedo and waistcoat. As the wing collar is a bit more formal than the turndown collar, it works better with the most formal version of black tie.
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