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Kulata, I like the most recent picture, minus the square and my feeling that the tie would be better if it was a bit darker or another color. Tweedy, I do advocate for lighter and less saturated shirts with ties. The tie can do a lot of work in providing contrast. If going tieless, a darker shirt can work by providing contrast with the suit. I do strongly dislike middle of the road color and high saturation shirts. High saturation can be a bit like sheen on a satin tie;...
^ Indeed it would. Darker blue shirts work with tan linen sans tie. I still say you want pale and unsaturated blues to wear with a tie. The stuff in the middle is just neither here nor there to me.
Tweedy, I would not consider that saturated. A bit darker, yes, but not saturated. It seems to have some obvious texture to it that reduces the saturation effect.
If it fits and you like it, being on sale is a nice bonus. If you buy only because it is on sale, the thing usually sits in the back of your closet and never gets worn. The latter scenario is the problem; former is just smart shopping.
One of the worst reasons ever to buy something.
Blue stripes works nicely too. The white space in the stripes helps a lot.
We're going to have to agree to disagree here because I think both the blue shirt Kulata posted with the tan suit and the one of the Armoury guy look mediocre at best. I have never gotten "washed out" from a tan linen suit and a pale blue not too saturated end-on-end. Plus the Armoury guy's reference to contrast (IMO the more important element) seems to refer more to the tie than to the shirt. We at least seem to agree that the tie needs to be on the darker end, but I...
Noodles, you do not need to go bespoke, and given your budget, you should not be looking for $4,000 suits (I assume Field is in this range). You have found a brand that you like and that looks great on you for $2,000. If you like your clothes and look good in them, bespoke may get you something slightly better and you may enjoy the process, but it's not necessary. Hobbyists like us have a tendency to shoot for perfection and to get really immersed in the process, but a lot...
Tan mohair / linen Mersolair pants just arrived. Around the world in 56 hours or something like that. Will post some photos when I get a chance to try them on in a proper outfit but on first glance I have to say I'm pretty optimistic about how these pants are going to perform. The mohair did not result in too much sheen; I didn't expect it to due to the blend and what I had seen of the fabric but that was still nice to see. These definitely will wrinkle less than pure...
Tan linen suit needs a pale and less saturated blue for a blue shirt to work well. The one Kulata posted was too dark and saturated. A very dark tie also can work better to provide contrast with the shirt and suit. I agree white can look nice with tan linen. I need a few more white linen shirts for summer.
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