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Noodles, this is why people think you're indecisive. Next week you'll be posting bad Men''s Warehouse fit pictures. Stop wasting time trying on shit you're not going to buy and taking pictures of it. It's bad enough that you keep posting fit pictures when you're not properly dressed to try on tailored jackets.
I say with belt loops. There's going to be a range of thought on this, but IMO trousers worn casually benefit from belt loops. If you're not wearing suspenders to keep your trousers correctly positioned (and suspenders should be reserved for when you are wearing a jacket), your options are a belt or perfectly fitted pants with side adjusters. Obviously go for perfect fit, but unless your weight stays pretty constant, the side adjusters may not work as well as you want them...
In a sense, suede and textured ties are both overdone around these parts. I can happily see myself wearing suede shoes at some point, though getting a pair has just never been a priority, but they are not a "OneShoe" if there ever was such a thing (I know, I know, Alden longwings in #8 shell cordovan). Same with textured ties. There are definitely a lot of neats and minimally textured solids around too (I don't really count something like a Hober diamond or oxford weave as...
Isn't bandwagon Clippers fan redundant?
So basically sports fans on ESPN and social media don't say anything intelligent and generally look like idiots. What else is new.
Nice, Cleav. To Joakimsten, note the subtle differences between your outfit and Cleav's. It's tough to combine three blues in one outfit, but a less saturated and lighter blue shirt, reasonably dark blue jacket and tie that offers sufficient contrast to the shirt make a big difference.
VBC wool linen is pretty decent. I just got some trousers in it and have only worn them a few times, but they seem to wear pretty cool, breathe decently and look nice. IMO a wool / linen blend that is about an ounce heavier is generally going to wear as cool if not cooler than a slightly lighter weight tropical wool, but it all comes down to the weave. If the wool your tailor is leading you to is a more open weave fabric, it will probably wear cooler than the wool linen,...
A, B and E for me as well.
^ Fair enough. To me it's about diminishing marginal returns and such and where would I rather spend XYZ dollars. I certainly respect and appreciate that some people, especially on a place like SF, love to get as close to perfection as they can and will pay a premium for that and I definitely get paying a premium for convenience / timeliness as you say.
I'm not claiming that Luxire or Ambrosi are comparable; I simply said I think the fit on my Luxire trousers (most recent iteration) is very good and that I don't personally see the value of $1,200 pants (though I have no issue with them in concept). We all have our point of diminishing marginal returns with these things. Edit: Also, to the extent one budgets a certain amount for clothing, we're looking at say 3 pairs of Ambrosi trousers versus probably 15 from Luxire. If...
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