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@Caustic Man brings up some interesting and mostly good points. I figured I'd weigh in as another shorter (5ft7) guy. I have my jackets made with very little padding, but my shoulders are also not particularly sloped so it doesn't have the effect Caustic highlights. I go with jackets that are as short as I'm comfortable with while still basically covering my ass, uncuffed trousers and a slight break (no break risks exposing an excessive amount of sock). I mostly go with...
Don't underestimate the value of the local option. Much easier to quickly arrange fittings and to solve any problems, plus no potential language barrier (not sure if there is with NSM, but something to consider). If those are your two choices, I'd talk to Ercole in person (you should be able to see some of their work while you're there) and see if you think you can work with him.
Tough choice this time around. I'm a sucker for black tie, but Diplomatic's photography was just really cool IMO.
Also, PKs to me are like free throws in basketball. If you suck at them, it's because you don't practice and that's your own damn fault.
I actually thought his celebration after hitting that PK was a lot tamer than the whole "Look at me! I scored a meaningless goal when we were up by 2 already with a minute left!" display against Athletico two years before in the CL final.
^ Lots of references to evening for white tie in there.
Appreciate your perspective, but think calling the views on white tie that you disagree with an "internet myth" is not right in this case. Etiquette and what is appropriate varies by culture, as you well know (I believe you have argued that black tie should not be worn in churches, a view completely alien in the U.S. to my knowledge, apologies if I am confusing you with another). In the U.S. (I cannot speak for other parts of the world), black tie and white tie have long...
Cool idea. Look forward to seeing the entries.
^ Congrats. Solid first order. Love that map of the world pocket square. I don't wear mine a lot, but there's just something awesome about having a map in your pocket.
I was rooting against Brazil (as usual), but they just got completely screwed over by the officials against Peru.
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