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So happy to live in a major city and not need to own a car.
Can Stitchy get his title changed to "Chief Enabler?"
^ What he said. Nice selections.
Yeah. I think they did a pretty good job. Really excited to watch Ole Miss vs. Auburn this weekend. Loser is probably out of the playoff barring a lot of 2 loss teams being around come December.
Thanks. Jacket is probably more of a blue grey IRL, but agree that a nice rust / orange tie can work with grey. I considered a full Donegal suit but ultimately decided to just get the jacket here.
I am all for more people posting pictures and here are a couple to get started. Though I will say that having a bit of philosophical discussion on clothing provided more life to this thread than it had seen in awhile. The reality is that not a lot of people were posting pictures and not a lot of people were providing critiques, and there's at least more posting going on and more viewing of the thread. Both jackets are worn with Rota fawn flannel trousers. The shirt with...
+1. Buttoning point seems high, lapels narrow, fabric not particularly attractive.
Hmmm. Tattersall is one of those things like button down collars that I've tried to like but just can't.
Keep in mind that @patrickbooth likes the dark suit, white shirt, conservative (often solid) tie look with black shoes more than a good bit. Both dress well, but I think each has a different style (understatement of the year).
Damn. Now I want a midnight blue velvet jacket.
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