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Elegant prose. Compliments.
^ Do it. DBs are awesome.
I have one of the cashmere grenadine weaves and one of the cashmere ties. I think each is fine with standard construction. In particular, the cashmere ties tend to be quite thick, more than the regular wool ties. Some people order 6-fold in everything and it's fine if you prefer that, but IMO it's not necessary. If I were getting 6 fold ties, I'd probably get them with my wool ties (non-cashmere) and Macclesfields / oxford weaves / diamond weaves.
White waistcoat is fine. It should be worn with a peak lapel jacket, though.
^ As long as you have the confirmation email / order number, you should be able to reference the past order. Something like "same measurements and style as order X."
^ Replace middle class with upper class and he's probably not too far off. I do think one difference between buying at 20 and buying at 30 is that you are not going to grow any taller at 30 and if you make caring for yourself a priority, you can have a pretty similar build for a long time. At 20, your bone structure could still change and there's nothing you can do about it.
I agree that we've all screwed up, but I like to think that we get better and are less likely to do so as we gain experience. The other thing is that for most people, a mistake on a suit that costs $1,000 is a lot more painful than a mistake on a $4,000 bespoke suit. I hate to think what I would have bought at age 20 as a bespoke customer.
Personally, I think that a waistcoat for a dinner jacket should have self-faced lapels, not satin or grosgrain. As far as wearing a waistcoat with a DB jacket, I see no reason why it cannot be done but it certainly is not as necessary as it would be with a SB jacket. Like Marco, I have consulted more sources than simply what is available online. I also appreciate the irony of a guy on the internet making snide comments about advice given by guys on the internet.
Black shoes with odd jacket basically means blazer and greys IMO. Maybe a blue Donegal or herringbone also.
Odd jacket sans tie is a fine look. It does not cease to be so just because the jacket is blue and double breasted. It's fine if you don't care for it or would not wear it, but it is not objectively wrong.
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