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One should be able to determine if one likes the feel and fit of a jacket in the chest and shoulders pretty easily. If you look good in a normal photo not taken from a bad angle, that's a good thing. You are buying suits to look good in, Noodles. Measurements are a nice way to figure out if something you are buying online will fit / is worth shipping, but trying it on and deciding you like it is key.
Noodles. You look fine. The other Formosas look a bit better but this still looks good. As Greg and others have said, different fabrics drape a bit differently. Stop worrying how things look in mediocre cell phone camera photos and start enjoying the suit.
Also. Carli Lloyd is awesome.
Go USA! Also, Aaron Burr was a murdering douche. Alexander Hamilton rocks.
What's wrong with the dark red grenadine?
Steed is British Noodles, so yes. Keep in mind that not all British tailors are alike, though Saville Row tends to produce jackets with a bit more structure than Naples. Steed does a form of the drape cut, which has a bit more fabric in the chest area and at times some shoulder extension. This tends to be softer than something like Huntsman, which will be more structured and dramatic in appearance. There are also more middle of the road options. Each has its advantages and...
I will continue to wear flat fronts. It's been over a decade since I've worn pleats and I prefer it that way.
You sir have an addiction. Not that there is anything wring with that.
So Claghorn, we basically agree.
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