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I would not say I am as into weight management / sculpting my body as I am into clothes (I love good food and drink far too much to be too gung-ho), but I've recently decided to be a bit more conscientious about working out and eating a bit better / drinking a bit less. I've kept most of my gains from weightlifting over time, so my focus has been more on cardio and losing a bit of weight. I've currently been doing 45 minutes of cardio a day for about 7 weeks, added 60-90...
Not sure how SF would affect one's ability to be engaged in conversations (unless you are checking SF all the time when talking to her, which is just a bad idea), but I can see the other points.
Royalties payable in Formosa bespoke perhaps?
I feel like we could make a reality show out of some of the things Noodles is posting in this thread. I mean that in the best possible way and like Noodles, but every so often I feel like I am having a "this could only happen to you" moment similar to some things that occur to good friends of mine.
Brick red Rotas arrived and are off to get hemmed. Construction and all look pretty good (not surprisingly). I was concerned about the rise, which is a bit lower than I tend to prefer, but I don't think I mind the rise on the Rotas for a more casual trouser.
^^ And this is why you do not do the whole tie with no jacket look unless you're a college aged intern who is not yet able to afford enough suits to wear (and who isn't going to get invited to meetings with outside parties anyway).
^ And Noodles is finally getting rid of suits that are too tight for him.
Anyone have experience with this cotton fabric from Fox? http://www.themerchantfox.co.uk/prod/442/khakee/khaki Thinking it could make for a nice lighter weight pair of khakis or two for summer but also wondering if it is worth the probable upcharge vs. cotton fabrics from Holland & Sherry and the like.
Congratulations on the wedding. I love the look of a charcoal suit with a silver grenadine tie. Yes, it is monochromatic but monochromatic looks when done right (as it would be here) can be very elegant. The shepherd's check may be a bit more traditional as a wedding tie, but I think the silver grenadine is fine.
Brooks Brothers MTM will set you back between $950 and $1,100 or so during their MTM events (20% discount). If you fit pretty well into a particular Brooks Brothers model (Madison / Regent / Fitzgerald / Milano) and like the styling, this can be a decent option. They also tend to have a couple tweed jackets (flap pockets on odd jackets are a dealbreaker for me or I probably would have picked one up by now) that can be regularly had for around $500 on sale.
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