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A man looking for ties. This thread has come full circle. Nieman Marcus reference just makes me nostalgic.
@Cleav, well done (as usual). That's pretty much what I had in mind.
@Claghorn, might as well go full suit for the blue Donegal if you get it. I don't really see myself wearing a full tweed suit, but it seems it would suit you (you already have one tweed suit).
Disagree. It's lower contrast, which can be tough to do, but still noticeably darker than a pale blue. Pale blue and white stripes would work too.
Definitely. Not in your face bitter or hoppy, has a bit more balance. I'd consider it a classic.
^ I like both. Grey might be slightly better with a white shirt, but should be fine with a pale enough blue.
Indeed. At first, I was willing to cut the guy a bit of slack. Losing the Superbowl sucks and playing your worst game at the worst time is rough. That said, "I am who I am" as an excuse annoys me to no end. First, it's basically a tautology and a particularly stupid one. Of course you are who you are, but that doesn't tell us anything useful. It's also not an excuse to behave badly or not engage in self improvement. The overwhelming majority of NFL players out there hate...
That grey zipped aran cardigan is awesome. One of my favorite casual pieces.
^ True.
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