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I don't think so. When refs screw up, you live with the result.
One could argue that if you fumble, you deserve what you get. I can see both sides on what the rule should be, but of course once a particular position is taken in the rulebook, it has to be fairly applied.
I haven't really heard Seattle being accused of cheating. That strikes me as a bit much. I see it as an instinct based play where I get what the player did and my annoyance is saved for the refs who blew the call and in doing so changed the outcome of the game. Here the call clearly affected the outcome of the game.
The degree to which people know about a rule doesn't affect whether the rule exists. In any event, the refs' job is to know and apply the rules. One could argue the players should know it too. We don't know what the counterfactual would be if the rule was not broken. Holding is called even if sometimes it did not affect the play in a meaningful way. Plus when the refs' review plays, obscure rules come out all the time. Think non-catches, the Tuck Rule, etc. Bottom line...
Disagree. He's inconsistent, but definitely has his moments. More consistent for Germany too, IMO.
According to 538, the blown call dropped Detroit's chance of winning from 84.3% (1st and Goal on the 1) to 11.4% (Touchback). So if those numbers are right, that one call was worth 3/4 of a win for Seattle. And these aren't even the replacement refs.
Ozil saves his good stuff for Germany.
I appreciate what you're saying. Perhaps it depends on how we define old mannish. I agree that we're not well served by dressing in period costume. Perhaps I see old mannish meaning something closer to mature and sophisticated.It's hard for me to see most fabrics being old mannish. A bit old fashioned perhaps. But I think cut and other styling details can mitigate this.
Since when is old mannish bad? Though I too prefer brown and blue herringbone to grey herringbone tweed. That said, I do somewhat covet a grey Donegal suit.
I have no loyalty to Arsenal, but I don't get the Wenger hate. Winning the BPL or Champions League is not easy. It's like teams firing NFL head coaches for contending for but not winning the Superbowl. Even a good team with great coaching in its best year is going to struggle to win a Superbowl and talent / injuries affect things from year to year. You've been in the top 4 every year during Wenger's tenure. In the 20 or so years before Wenger, Arsenal was not nearly as...
New Posts  All Forums: