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New name. Hurrah!
+30 = 72,130.
^ Yup.
If only it was a grey flannel suit...
You may well be right. Labor law was never a specialty of mine when I was practicing. I haven't negotiated CBAs but I've definitely been involved in negotiating complex partnership agreements and other documents where every word was scrutinized. My observation is more general and based on the idea that (1) sometimes you put something into an agreement without understanding its full implications and I think the implications of Goodell having this power are more clear now...
No disagreement on that. Union had other priorities so they let this happen. Now we're seeing how stupid it is and it will probably become an issue for the next CBA.
I mostly agree with this (I think the evidence on Deflategate is very shaky but that's probably an agree to disagree thing). I think the issue is that once the league starts trying to regulate off the field conduct, the comparisons are inevitably going to be made. The league has basically done this to themselves. I mean, there may be some formula that says "beating your wife is worthy of an 8 game suspension, but we use some .25 or .50 multiplier since it doesn't directly...
Right. Goodell outsourced the punishment to one of his VPs, who basically did what Goodell want, so that Goodell could then technically be the arbitrator. Ultimately, when you cut through the procedural crap, this is Goodell agreeing with Goodell.Whether you like Brady or any of the other guys who are getting punished or not, surely you have to admit that there is something messed up about Goodell getting to hear appeals of his own rulings (or appeals of rulings made by...
Tried Shake Shack today. Thought it was okay but way over hyped.
I am shocked, shocked to find Goodell agrees with himself.
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