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Just found out about this thread. Ironically, had set a read 50 books challenge for myself at the start of the year. Started out strong but have been very unproductive on the reading front for a couple months. Will be contributing going forward.
Subscribed. Go 'Cats! At least 6-6 and a bowl win would be nice.
There's an Adventures in Online Dating Thread? Please tell me its the absolutely glorious shitshow I am hoping for.
The first rule of wearing Formosa is one will always look good when wearing Formosa...or something like that.
But will your penchant for understatement help or hinder in the world of academia?
The Cleveland Browns will win the Superbowl this year. Seems about as credible.
@SullenAesir. Navy. When you have a larger wardrobe, get a slightly lighter blue in a summer appropriate fabric if you really like the color.
Pear shaped is the new v-shaped.
I like it. Just saw the last Northwestern QB to start in week 1 was Otto Graham in 1955. He had a decent career as I recall.
Get excited Denver fans (of course, y'all did just win the Superbowl, so how bad can it be). Where's @in stitches? http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/17415069/trevor-siemian-start-quarterback-denver-broncos
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