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I get this in theory, but even a lot of self-aware people assume too frank of an answer will be used against them.
I suppose I could just say that Greg & Co. find a way to keep their offerings interesting every 6 months and find cool new stuff for us to buy. The POW suit is pretty damn spectacular (then again, so was the Minnis houndstooth).
^ There are worse things, especially in the winter where the suit jacket is covered by an overcoat when you want in and generally is hanging in your office versus being worn much. Though if there is a time for the odd trouser, shirt and tie look, this may be it for you. It's a bad look, but if nobody wears their jackets in the office anyway, they may be none the wiser. Just hang a Zegna beater in the office for the times when you actually have to wear a suit unexpectedly...
Noodles - Even when you have 10 suits to wear in any given season, you're going to be wearing the average suit 2x per month. I think you need to wear the Formosas at least twice a month and same with the wedding suit. This at least gets you to 8 out of 20 or so suit wearing days in a 4 week period, letting you wear the beaters 1.5x per week. That or you buy some more beaters.
^ So now you have 3 Formosas, your wedding suit and 2 Zegna beaters to rotate for the time being?
I could see how on an accrual accounting basis one would lose money but find it hard to see how this could be so from a cash flow basis. Not sure what the margin is for a typical bespoke suit maker, but I could easily see a 20% margin differential between repeat customers and first time customers, especially once you start factoring in time and opportunity cost for the tailor and others involved in pattern drafting and other things.
Stitchy, for someone who wears mostly solids and subtle windowpanes, it is comparatively "FU."
Just did the same thing with one of the Calabrese overnight bags. No free shipping since the order was not big enough / I missed the email, but it's not like I need the thing in the next week or so anyways.
Damn. It's like the fabrics for each subsequent season for Formosa just get better and better (they started out pretty high too).
Congrats Noodles on the purchase. I know how much you loved that fabric.
New Posts  All Forums: