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Damn. Some of these new squares are pretty cool. https://www.samhober.com/post-impressionist-pocket-squares/
@jfrater, that fabric just seems like it would look weird made up.
+32 = 9,197
You're probably better off specifying exactly what you want. I've seen slight variations in how these things get defined. I recommend sleeve lining and a bit in the back no matter what, even if only to make sliding the jacket on and off easier.
I hear you. You can't go wrong with midnight blue or black. When I get a second dinner jacket, it will be midnight blue peak.
Fair points. I think I'd do black monks before bluchers / derbys, but that's just me. I feel like one would get more use out of a similar shoe is brown, so it may be a bit lower on the priority list.
Depends what he means by "midnight navy." If he's talking about a true midnight blue, I don't really see this as an issue and it seems a fine choice for a first dinner jacket (Poole even steers its clients to midnight blue over black on dinner jacket commissions). If we're getting more into the navy realm, then I agree it's a bad idea for a first dinner jacket.
While the "get both" mantra of SF is often more amusing than useful, I think having shoes in both black and brown is an exception (unless you plan to never wear a suit).
First one looks way better.
Yeah. People either do it to (i) save money on cloth and avoid markups charged by tailors (well, some of the markup at least) or (ii) get something made in a cloth that their tailor doesn't carry (LL stuff is an example, maybe some random fabric that one got on closeout, etc.). Decent amount of tailors won't do CMT, though, for a variety of reasons.
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