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Normally I'd be glad to get the darn loss out of the way, but pissed about Gronk. Season's basically over if he goes out. Plus the clock operator should be fired.
Or, in the best traditions of SF, get both.
7-9 may well be good enough for the playoffs in the NFC East.
Finally got around to trying Alesmith IPA. Very enjoyable but not my absolute favorite.
Nothing wrong with this, though might be concerned that the trousers will wear out sooner if you wear them as a suit and as separates.
So long Mark Richt. Shame to see him get fired. I get wanting someone to push you over the top and win a championship, but I always thought he was a decent, respectable man who did a lot of good for the Georgia program.
Odd trousers can definitely be poorly chosen for an outfit, but I wouldn't worry quite as much about the orphan issue. A plain worsted is also less offensive as an odd trouser than an odd jacket. There are better choices in most cases, though in summer I think tropical weight wool is absolutely fine for odd trousers and Fresco, while visibly different from a plain worsted, is less obviously not a standard worsted wool than flannel, its winter equivalent. Flannel and linen...
Great game. Crazy ending. Loved every second of it.
Butler, that is awesome.
Double monks are great. As long as they look good, which I think they do, I don't care how popular or over saturated they are.
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