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I'm generally pretty terrible at predictions. That said, I think Carolina will win but it will be less of a humiliation than two years ago. Denver has a better defense this time around, which should help, but I don't think they have enough gas on offense to do much against Carolina. I'd go with a 30-16 Carolina victory.
@justkwan, very solid first post. Welcome.
^ The flower idea is a nice touch, though I always find conversation about the groom standing out to be a bit amusing. Nothing wrong with a slightly different look for the groom, but I guess more practically. I mean, how many people going to the wedding aren't going to know / be able to figure out who the groom is without clothing cues?
^ Different wedding tie for everyone. White linen squares.
At least one of them tried to tie a bow tie (there's no way a pre-tied one would be so lopsided). Both have peak lapels. Not sure about the shirt fronts without a closer view, but really the most glaring thing is Zuck's long tie and possibly some fit issues. Celebrities at the Oscars often do way worse.
Well, peak lapels are reminiscent of tailcoats. Shawl lapels are reminiscent of smoking jackets. Think Bogie's white dinner jacket in Casablanca.
Side vents with a dinner jacket are not the worst sartorial sin out there, but a lot of people do consider them at least suboptimal. They're a far lesser evil than a single vent, though.
Sebastian, I'm going to agree with the others on no vents. Whether you do shawl or peak is entirely up to you. Peak is more formal, but when you're already in black tie, I don't think you have to worry too much about this. I went shawl for my dinner jacket (of course, I also went with black) and took satin lapels. Nothing wrong with grosgrain, though. If I had two dinner jackets, I would probably do SB peak and DB shawl. Perhaps this is an argument for going with peak?
Wedding tie is the most traditional option. I would avoid burgundy or burnt orange for a wedding. If you want to be more colorful and eschew tradition (one few people pay much attention to, as awesome as it is anyways), I think pink or lilac are better bets. A navy suit is fine. I'd go with plain over a pattern, but if you must do a pattern, a very subtle windowpane or glen plaid is better than stripes, which should be avoided. Navy is the best choice compared with...
I agree with this. With trousers, slightly lighter weight usually is less beneficial for keeping cool than one would expect. Heavier weight drapes and hangs better / wrinkles less.
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