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Yes. In summer at least.
Allowing a 31 second TD drive to end the half. That's how you lose games. Pats better get their shit together.
+48 = 10,487.
Porter and Harding is good; don't recall the fabric number but here's a jacket I had made up.
I'm sure B&T will have swatches to look at, which is always better than looking at something on a monitor. To me Donegal and cashmere don't really mix. In addition to concerns about how cashmere will hold up as trousers, tweed is supposed to have a bit of a rougher texture and cashmere would seem to get in the way of this.
Agreed, and worth considering this sentiment for more than just shoulder type.
@WeakMonday, thank you for taking the time to share your experiences and photos. I look forward to seeing more and hope some peoples' unfortunate need to bash things doesn't deter you from sharing more.
Noodles - the tie is great. Now you just need to get your stuff to the tailor and continue to build your suit wardrobe. Your $500 gift card donation should give you some leeway with the wife.
^^ Darker blue ground would definitely give some additional flexibility. I'm mostly thinking aloud here Claghorn, but have you tried a light pink striped shirt and burgundy tie combo with that jacket?
+58 = 9,707.
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