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Maybe USA, UK (including Scotland regardless of how the vote goes Thursday), Continental Europe and Rest of World for a team based challenge?
^ And more solids.
^ I expected the Bears to be 1-1 after 2 weeks. Just didn't think it would be a result of losing at home to the Bills and beating the 49ers on the road.
Noodles, get the first one. It is an awesome tie and is basically idiot proof.
Too many dumb penalties by the Pats, but otherwise a solid game.
^ What he said.
^ I have to disagree on the tie in question. With some striped ties, sure, but the tie he has picked out is completely tasteful and grown up. I don't see anyone mistaking it for a school uniform tie.
While our society (speaking from a U.S. centric perspective) seems to be trending more and more against supporting any sort of corporal punishment, I don't think there is the same objective moral imperative there that there is against beating the crap out of a female that you are romantically involved with. So I guess I think that what Rice did was worse until I see more evidence on the whole AP situation.There's some truth to this. People can ignore the reality until they...
Noodles: 1. Buy that tie now and a few others. 2. Order some more ties to bring your total acquisitions since this post to 10 ties. 3. Add at least a few other ties to your wishlists. 4. Profit (well, at least look damn good).
^ I was hoping they would but knew better. Still a fun end to the game and it says something about Florida that Kentucky could even take them to overtime.
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