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I shudder to think of your eventual tailoring bill. Enjoy.
^ Awesome. Love to see the kickers get into it.
1.4KM so far today. Beat my 1KM PR by 1 second, short break, beat 400M PR by 2 seconds. Will probably take a slower paced run with a bit more distance later.
I got that and agree; sarcasm doesn't always convey appropriately in text. Apologies.
Doesn't matter. It's totally as easy to be dominant year in and year out with free agency and the salary cap than it was for everyone who played and coached before the 1990s. *Sarcasm*.
Red Auerbach must then be the greatest NBA coach of all time based on the utter dominance of the Celtics in the 1960s that has never been equaled by any other team.
I still don't think Buffalo is good, but seriously, Arizona: you had one job.
Ran 3.1 miles (5k) without stopping for the first time today after trying to slowly get myself into some sort of running shape a month ago. I decided to sign up for a Thanksgiving morning 5k in August as motivation to get into better shape so as to not completely embarrass myself. Now to start knocking seconds off my time (30:57 - nothing to write home about, but pretty happy considering where I was a month ago).
It's worth noting that, last 15 or so minutes of the Miami game notwithstanding, the Patriots defense has been solid. They've never had to play from behind. Jimmy G has looked very solid, but Jacoby has only had to not lose games.
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