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^ Rams are already laughing all the way to the bank with the draft picks they got from the Redskins. I guess you'd call that insult to injury (except I'm not sure having RGIII is such a good thing in any case).
Congrats on the wedding and the choice to get ties from Hober is a great one.We do get some people coming on here hoping we'll just tell them that they'll look good in whatever hideous "tuxedo" with vests and ties that match the bridesmaids and that get upset when that doesn't happen. From what you've posted (even before this), it seems like that's less of an issue than we often see (though the appeasing comment probably sparked something here). Typically a groom gets 4...
Four posts by 2 days ago and people are still talking about it. If people are more reasonable these days and still feel compelled to post about the guy after the fact, no wonder threads used to be a complete and utter shitshow.
I always assumed the average man didn't wear collar stays and that this is something that many beginners and advanced dressers have in common (albeit for different reasons and different results).
I get that not everyone likes metal buttons, but how do MOP buttons make something a "real blazer" while brown horn ones don't?
I used to wear collar stays all the time. Through a mix of laziness and preferring something more relaxed, it's probably down to 20% of the time or less.
^ Very minimal sheen on the grey oxford.
I sympathize with your second point (being bothered by having stuff that you don't wear often), @in stitches. Where do you draw the line for too infrequent use? Just curious.
The wedding tie selection is a good start. A black/white POW, even if not listed under the wedding ties, would be another. Going a bit further from traditional wedding ties, a silver/grey grenadine or oxford weave may work too.
^ Agreed. Like Cary Grant's tuxedo in "To Catch a Thief." Took me awhile and some good lighting to realize it was not black.
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