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^ No idea what that even means re: exposure and color balance.
More seriously, peak lapels are seen as a bit more formal and dandified. It's possible the peak lapel may make one look a tiny bit taller / slimmer.
Well, one will look like a jacket with wide notch lapels and the other will look like a jacket with peak lapels.
I have to say it looks less bad with the brown herringbone tweed than I expected. The two tweeds below that and the green corduroy jacket on the other hand, not a fan. Works pretty well with blues and greys (duh) and IMO works with the light tan and cream (though I do think navy might be a better choice there in general).
Various photos of a black grenadine tie. Was wearing a RAF wool linen suit and white shirt today with said tie and thought it would be fun to see how the shirt tie combination paired with a number of suits and odd jackets. I didn't bother repeating similar colors or with my charcoal suit jacket, but thought it a fun experiment. No, I would not wear many of these looks outside (even if linen shirt was replaced by white Oxford cloth for fall / winter) [[SPOILER]] Apologies...
When your QB is an above average NFL starter, yeah, a majority of fan bases are going to wish he was their QB instead of whatever garbage they have.
Cripple, probably not. Could it potentially mean the difference between say the #1 and #3 seed in the playoffs depending on the health of their team, definitely. Having Wilson on a rookie contract was definitely a big competitive advantage for them.
It's easy enough to find something good to say, though. Unless it's truly terrible. Then you just smile, nod and excuse yourself to freshen your drink (being able to quickly down booze helps with this).
Taking meetings can be entertaining, though. I'm always upfront that I'll meet them but have no intention of purchasing unless they convince me they can provide better value / service than what I current;y have.
As do I. Always nice to be able to root for Team USA.
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