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Corruption in college sports. Couldn't be...
Congrats to Leicester and their fans. Always great to see a team that wasn't supposed to have any chance at all win the title.
Over the calf with anything other than workout gear. I see no reason to not wear over the calf, unless you like your socks falling down and showing off bare skin between your socks and trousers when seated.
Liked the moves by Denver and Arizona.
Not sure what the Bears were thinking tonight. Ohio State's doing well in getting lots of guys drafted in the first round.
^ Watched the two CL games. Will watch the second legs too. At this point, mostly waiting to see if Leicester wins the Premier League or manages to blow it in inexplicably bad fashion with three games left.
I enjoy the draft for some reason. It's pretty boring the way it's done, but I do enjoy seeing where the players I recognize from watching college football go. Plus you can always get other stuff done while watching. The draft is perfect for multitasking that way. Of course my team doesn't have a first round pick this year, but half the time we trade out of the first round anyways.
But did you put cuffs on them?
I have a RAF blue suit made from the Kerry Knoll book (55% wool / 45% linen I believe) and have had some light grey pants made up from a VBC wool / linen blend (don't know the exact name of the book). I liked both fabrics.Sadly no pictures of the pants. Might be able to snap one of the fabric later.
This is a fantastic comparison of the two burgers.
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