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Loro Piana also has some nice cashmere wool blends in the 10-11 oz range. Forget the exact name of the book. I had one made up in grey but they also have a blue and brown herringbone made of the same fabric.
New Hober (Macclesfield #84) in action.
Manton's Squarefail thread is also quite worthwhile.
^ I assume he meant to reply to Noodles.
I'm pretty much the same way at this point. I'll wear white linen when it's appropriate (strikes me as a bit too formal when not wearing a tie and IMO looks off on some tweed jackets), but otherwise tend to go square-less most of the time. Makes life so much easier.
@EliodA, I think that square is okay but white linen probably would have worked better. I tend to think that even among experienced dressers, a look could be improved (or at the very least come out even) by substituting the square worn for white linen most of the time. Wearing colorful squares that coordinate effectively with the rest of one's outfit and provide a better look than one would see with white linen is really hard to do. Of course there are exceptions.
^^ Well, if one is wearing a tie, a jacket should be required.
Wonder if the SF Hober club tie will make an appearance or two in this challenge.
Since joining SF, most of my time has been spent in workplaces with a business casual dress code or in graduate school. I'd put myself in the "for the sheer joy of it" category, but ultimately voted for your third choice. I like it. I'll wear the occasional odd jacket and (sometimes) tie to work and will even sometimes wear a suit, but it's not a daily thing. I like having the clothes for when I need them and enjoy wearing them on some occasions when I don't need them....
Damn you NMWA sale. Could not resist the mist linen sweater for $249.
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