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Claghorn may be giving Vox a run for his money re: number of blue odd jackets owned at this point...
The right light blue will work fine. Perhaps a nice end-on-end. Light blue and white stripe would be another option. I generally prefer pink with medium greys to medium blues, but perhaps a light pink and white striped shirt could still be nice here. Lilac too.
Noodles thread is a mix of clothing advice, general advice on life, picnic attacks, soap opera and reality TV. It truly is a remarkable achievement. Sometimes I feel I'm here to give advice. Other times I feel I'm catching up on the latest episode.
More information would help. How often do you plan to wear these clothes? Are you working in a specific industry? Do you know what your coworkers will be wearing? What is your actual maximum budget for shirts / trousers / etc. on a per item basis? What is your maximum total budget?
@gumercindo, why the dislike of white shirts in this context? White is by far the best choice for a formal occasion and will work quite well with a navy suit. Of the ties you posted, I like the first three best. @Robstrongo, my understanding is that traditional wedding ties are in the black / white / grey scale, so something in blue would not fit the bill. That having been said, it seems like a wedding tie-esque pattern and if you want to wear a blue patterned tie to a...
Union Jack is an old reliable favorite for me. I've had better beers, but it's very nice for what it is, easy to find and I never find myself wishing I'd ordered something else.
Habanero Sculpin is interesting.
Latest Luxire order shipped. 18 days from placing the order to the shipping notice. This was for a material they had in stock and creating a new pattern / set of measurements to reflect some meaningful weight loss. Looking forward to seeing how they turn out.
I have to disagree with the people advising those entering or in medical school to be saving heavily. Compound interest does a lot, but the math of compound interest is a lot more important when you are looking at steady pay increases over a number of years versus the very sudden pay increase when one goes from residency to a full time medical position post residency. That's kind of like telling someone who is working as a prosecutor for 5 years before going to the private...
A lot of Wall Street firms hire more people straight out of undergrad than they do from MBA programs. The best way to get into Wall Street is to go to an elite school, get good grades and have enough of a personality to not get thrown out of interviews. Plenty of people do it post-MBA, but with work experience (some people worked in corporate America, others at consulting firms, really anything).CFA has required work experience for at least a decade. Taking and passing the...
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