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5k / 3.1 miles between today and yesterday.
Agreed. My problem is I already own a lot of his ties and am wearing ties less and less often these days.
Wow. That makes perfect sense but I never thought about using it that way (honestly, never thought about how to use it; just figured it was some cool fancy trouser thing). Good to know.
^ I understand the impulse being this, and it's not a bad one. I just worry about the increase in places where we have organizations that lack the competence and expertise of traditional courts and also have no regard for due process essentially trying these cases and coming up with "sentences" on their own. We know Goodell has no respect for due process or anything that does not permit him to be judge, jury, and executioner.
I actually agree with the idea that the NFL should not be some sort of extra-judicial body doling out punishments that are best handled in courts of law and should focus on what affects the game itself. That said, I'd add that marijuana is basically moral turpitude as I can't imagine being stoned gives one a competitive advantage, so a bigger punishment for marijuana (even if it's with a repeat offender) than domestic violence just seems all sorts of wrong.I understand...
I think the NFL is sorely testing the whole too much of a good thing can't be bad theory. I love to watch a couple of games on Thanksgiving, but at least there's some tradition there. Keeping games to Sunday with one on Monday night is the better way to go from a fan perspective (maybe not from a revenue perspective). You'll still have crappy matchups, but at least you can try to throw them in when there are other games on.
3.5km / 2.2 miles.
5.61km / ~3.5 miles today.
So the Big 12 is against having 12 teams...
Bit over 5k between today and yesterday. Should probably take a day off at some point soon, but the weather has been too damn nice and a quick 15 minute run followed by some walking isn't going to kill me.
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