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^ I definitely need to check that place out.
I haven't seen too much fading in my linen, but then I also tend to wear pure linen tailored clothing in lighter colors that IMO better reflect its more casual nature. A 50/50 or thereabout wool / linen blend is probably a better choice for darker colors.
^ I'd go with a black tie and cummerbund as I believe these are pretty much always correct, even with a midnight blue dinner jacket. If the blues are not going to match exactly, you might as well just wear black.
Who the hell steals other peoples' socks / underwear?
Just bought my first pair of Rota trousers. Brick red cotton for summer. Time to find out what all the excitement is about. Also, anyone who is a size S, L or XL in Inis Meain who has not purchased the mist linen sweater, what the heck are you waiting for?
^ I also suspect that the typical SF member cares a lot more about durability and value than the average high-end shopper in the world. There are definitely people in the world who will pay up for something they think is pretty and comfortable and won't care too much about how often they have to replace it. There is a lot of expensive = good investment rationale when it comes to shoes especially, which while partially true ($1,000 well-made shoes are not 4x as expensive...
That tuxedo looks fantastic.
Over / under on how many days it takes Stitchy to have more posts than Greg in this thread...
I am seriously considering having trousers made and just wearing this as a suit a couple of times per year. I have serious concerns about how long the fabric in question would last as trousers, but I doubt I would wear a suit that bold particularly often in any event. In general I prefer the jacket with pale blue and pink shirts.
^ Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it or something like that.
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