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+ 24 = 72,009.
^ Well, it seems only fair that you can use the money saved from buying alcohol to shop for clothes...
^ Must have missed the unstructured jacket part. Wear with jeans in good health, then.
Dark brown DB suit in either flannel or linen could be awesome. I'd do a dark brown linen DB odd jacket but would not do a dark brown DB odd jacket in winter weight.
My issue with the whole navy blazer and jeans look is that a navy blazer occupies a level of formality above that of most odd jackets and below that of a suit. As a result, I find the formality difference between top and bottom to be particularly jarring. I think it is easier to wear tweed and linen (and similar odd jacket fabrics) casually and that a navy blazer looks best with trousers that at least in theory could be worn with a tie. I think cream / tan chinos or...
Navy SB suit is such a basic staple that it really is a gap that should be corrected. You don't necessarily have to wear a solid suit in a conservative manner. For summer, I actually think a lightweight navy wool / mohair blend could be nice (the mohair blend helps the jacket wear cooler). Just make sure the fabric doesn't have too much of a sheen to it. My summer "navy" suit is actually a RAF blue navy / linen blend (doesn't wrinkle so it works). If I truly must be...
If you must do either, I'd go with jeans. At least the denim will have a clear texture difference.
^ Well done.
@isolation, you have some good suits already. It seems from your list that you do not yet have a solid navy SB suit. I would definitely get this before a black DB suit, which is really not at all versatile. Heck, you already have a black SB suit that should work for when you decide you want to wear a black suit. There are a bunch of threads on this, but the biggest problems with black suits are (1) they look really stark and harsh during daylight and (2) they combine...
Preferred South Carolina to A&M on this one but not really passionate about either team. What a way for one's first start to go re: the A&M QB.
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