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@isolation, I won't rehash other critiques of the tailoring on your trousers. Frankly if you post a couple pairs and make some adjustments based on some of the comments you receive, you can probably get something better looking for the price from Luxire. My one comment is that you really should consider trousers that are a bit fuller in the leg. I think that with your large drop and the dramatic waist suppression you go for, fuller trousers could be an effective...
^ Well, when the "young" look is so exaggeratedly absurd, anything normal by comparison may look old.
^ Houndstooth is cool but not really necessary or a staple. You already have the POW for wedding tie duty. A grenadine stripe could be nice. I also think a dark green oxford / grenadine / neat could be nice.
My post and pretty much every other post on his predicament.Also, congrats to Noodles for finally kopping that striped grenadine Hober.
IMO once you are in the 14+ ounce range for cloth, there's really not a lot of benefit to eliminating lining. I have a buggy lined tweed in a reasonably heavy weight and if I could do it over would have gotten fully lined. If it's cold enough that you want to wear a heavy jacket, you probably want lining too. Just my personal experience.
I have odd trousers with both belts and side adjusters. I see nothing wrong with either, with or without a belt. Depends entirely on what you are comfortable in. Personally, I tend to prefer side adjusters and a slightly higher rise. I mind belts less to the extent that I intend to wear the trousers sans jacket regularly.
Of course, the obvious solution is to not be surfing the web in general when you are out on a date.
Would not surprise me...
^ Would think a very light blue shirt would work (either solid, end-on-end, very narrow stripes, etc.).
Awesome look, Stitchy. That sweater has been on my wish list for awhile.
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