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Can't wait to wear these new arrivals.
@Isolation, you are right that it is not super versatile. That said, it looks lovely and if you have your basics covered, I am sure it could make a nice addition to your wardrobe. I think several of the combinations you suggest could work. As long as you are cool with it not being something you can wear all the time, you'll be able to find things to pair it with. Perhaps hold off if you are still at a point where versatility is really important, but otherwise go nuts.
Maybe some lighter weight flannel (12 ounce) for the occasional cool day, but I'd mostly go with Fresco (10 ounce), wool-linen blends and tropical weight wool.
^ I've gone up to 18 ounces. It's perfectly fine in winter and on any chilly fall or spring day where I live. I haven't tried heavier fabrics but I wouldn't have an issue going up to 20-21 if I found something I like.
Everyone is different with how things wear. I find 14+ ounces to wear reasonable warm, such that in 50-65 degree weather I can comfortably wear it without an overcoat. Depending on climate, this means per your tailor that you will have an overcoat on as well. Weight is thus mostly relevant for the range of temperatures you can comfortably wear something without a coat (the top of which will of course be the warmest temperature you can wear the jacket in). You also have a...
Tastes on this forum tend to be more classical and conservative. I generally include myself in the classical and conservative category, though I do wear things like Nantucket Reds too. Good taste is important, but your confidence and how you carry what you wear is important too. I don't like every bold look, but the ones I do I wear without a care in the world and with the confidence that I look good. When one has experience dressing oneself elegantly and knows what one is...
Suede is a weird creature. In theory it is not meant for summer, but it also is the fabric most vulnerable to the elements and would seem to work better when there is not snow, sleet and ice around. Never understood that one myself, but so it is. Of course, traditionally one would wear flannel in the summer (though I do not know who these great men in generations past who did not sweat were).
^ NFL teams overvalue average to slightly above-average quality starting quarterbacks.
Green or blue Donegal would both be awesome.
^ Le Bernardin. In a place like NYC, there are a lot of great sushi places that don't have the hype. Le Bernardin is absolutely worth going to, though, so I'd go there.
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