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The Oscars are as depressing as usual when it comes to poor examples of black tie. Someone has to say it every year.
About 4k today.
Enjoying a bit of nice weather. 7.3km between yesterday and the day before.
^ That was a blast to watch.
2.5k yesterday and again today.
Well, that unraveled quickly for Arsenal.
Not unless I'm working out or at a beach / pool.
The Oxford weaves can be a bit shiny (we're not talking the sort of sheen of a satin tie, much more subtle), but not overly so. Burgundy Oxford weave is very versatile. It may not be the best pairing for tweed, but will go with pretty much anything else. As far as burnt orange goes, I have a couple of burnt orange ties and the one that gets the most use is a solid wool challis. To me burnt orange just begs to be worn with tweed and fall / winter outfits, so I don't think...
Curious if anyone here has moved from running to triathlon (or just does both). I do a lot of indoor stationary bike riding during the winter and love longer bike rides at a decent pace when the weather is nice, and I used to enjoy swimming, so I've been thinking about getting into triathlons as a way to keep my fitness up without necessarily running every day. Kind of like how I started with the goal of running a 5k last year (which has morphed into a 10k for 2017), I'd...
I don't think this is a rule. If anything, a white dial is going to be seen as dressier and thus more appropriate for evening wear.
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