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Marcella front shirt wins in a landslide in my book. Wing collar is great with white tie and can be okay if you are doing black tie with peak lapels and a proper waistcoat, but not a good choice for shawl or (gasp) notch lapels. Since your tuxedo has notch lapels, I wouldn't wear the shirt that works for white tie or with peak lapels.
^ I'd quibble with the cordovan, but that's just me. I love that you have vintage touches and pieces with family history. That sort of thing is wonderful if you have access to it.
I tend to agree. I've nothing against wider symmetrical stripes for more casual fits, but they've never been something I feel compelled to own either. Maybe one day I'll build up a nice collection of oxford cloth shirts (but not with button down collars).In your above examples, I tend to think that the wider symmetrical stripe makes the lack of contrast between shirt and tie more glaring than it would be otherwise. A bit more contrast would still be good even with a...
The types of striped shirts you're talking about, @TweedyProf, aren't my favorite but I do have a few. I think that a lot of SF members, myself included, prize versatility and thinner striped shirts tend to be more versatile. You're never going to risk having your shirt and jacket (if wearing a striped suit) stripes be of similar width with a basic narrow striped (and generally symmetrical) shirt. You also get more tie pairings out of very narrow stripes (they tend to be...
Kai, not bad. I hate patent leather and wear highly shined calfskin Oxfords. The vest in that color would be perfect if a lower cut waistcoat (bonus for DB). Thanks for posting.
^ Got a sample of the Molotov Heavy today. Liked it, but 17% alcohol is a bit much for regular drinking.
Went back to Owen & Engine this weekend. Scotch egg plus burger. I'm good on the burger front for a few weeks.
^ Well, what to wear to your wedding is already a good problem to have. Congratulations.
To me the trouble if you're not wearing a stroller is you just have a jacket and pants that don't match. I'd prefer a regular suit. Maybe a dove grey linen vest would add a nice touch to a navy or charcoal suit. This way you get the suit and something unique.
Lol @ Tottenham.
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