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I don't think light charcoal is a thing, but different people have a different cutoff for what constitutional charcoal.
Foo is on his own with the whole cream silk thing.
^ Minnis definitely makes woolen flannels. I'm wearing a pair of trousers in a mid grey woolen from them as we speak.
I would say that I am mostly against charcoal odd trousers. I have one pair that I thought was going to be closer to a medium grey (serves me right for buying off an online photo) that I only wear with one odd jacket. Otherwise, they only come into play when I am going sans jacket and that is a different ballgame from the traditional classic menswear / good taste thread discussion. From what I've read and seen in my time here, Foo is an advocate of optimization (making...
Elio, I think it is because both trouser and jacket are on the darker / drab side. Perhaps not enough contrast, which to me is more important with darker trousers for some reason.
Elio, charcoal can work in theory but I am not living it here. I like the top half, though. I also think that a darker shoe would work better.
@lordsuperb, nothing wrong with being a bit quirky. I'll bet if you posted in WAYWRN you'd probably get some 20 thumb fits (and some trainwrecks too, but risk / reward and that's what happens when you push the envelope). Your desire to have more subtle suits and have your fun with shirts, ties and squares is right, though. For one thing, if you get tired of a particular fun piece, it's a much smaller investment.
Just think. When Noodles gets Murl's suit, he can start wearing some more navy ties. Just...better navy ties this time...
^ Well said. Coherence is a good word that I had written down and then edited out for some reason because I wasn't describing it well. I think it is quite possible to like a bit even if it is a bit discordant / incoherent, but "this looks cool" or something like that was never really the point.
^ I have a grey flannel suit in VBC 12 ounce flannel. I like the fabric a lot.
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