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^ Any particular reason for this / goal in doing so?
^ Nice. I'm not normally a bit fan of reppe stripes (heresy, I know), but this one seems to work for me for some reason.
^ I feel northern lights tends to work best with slightly lighter jackets. I think cream, tan and light grey would all look good. Really dark odd trousers just do not strike me as summery, which the jacket clearly is.
That's all right. I sound like a grumpy old man most days.
There's a functional benefit for some tiny minority of people who actually would roll up their jacket sleeves rather than take off their jacket. Otherwise, I think they are more for show at this point. My general view is that I won't pay extra to have them done but if they are included in the price of a garment (like a MTM suit or sport coat), I like to have them. It's one of those things that used to have more of a function but stayed on as a piece of tradition after its...
^^ Yes. I was being somewhat tongue in cheek in response to seeing a thread bumped after six months for one question. Context matters here and you have to consider the audience that the post was written for and the definition of well-dressed provided later on in the thread. Your wardrobe, while it may be fine for your purposes (and you should not feel pressured to buy things because they are on some list if you know you won't wear them) does not offer this flexibility. You...
I believe certain high end shirtmakers will only make shirts for you after first seeing your ties with handrolled edges...
Only if you want to be well-dressed.
Subscribed. Back in Chicago this week but sadly own no boots.
Cigars could be lovely if you know the groom is a fan. I'd be careful with perfume as people's tastes in scents can be pretty personal (unless that is less true in Egypt). I think eschewing the champagne is wise.
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