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^ Great stuff. In your case, the challenge may be curating your collection down to 50...
Nice, Murl. If I didn't already own about 20 polos from Brooks Brothers / Ralph Lauren (don't ask me how I accumulated that many, though accumulation of clothes does seem to be something a lot of us have in common), I probably would have invested in something like that from NMWA.
Well, it becomes a question of one would rather be well-dressed with one's current body or have to start over after a new workout regimen (though all joking aside, other than a major weightlifting regimen for someone who is not too experienced with lifting or losing 3 or more inches off one's waist, alterations are entirely reasonable). Most people (including SFers) aren't fitness fanatics, so I'm not too shocked that a group of clothing hobbyists value their clothes over...
This is actually pretty difficult. I started out with bespoke pieces, which would allow odd jackets as well as suits, but getting to 50 proved very difficult. I will probably end up doing the 50 Hober challenge (will probably sub out a few of my collection for things I'd rather have). Speaking of 50 Hobers, paging @pinkpanther.
@DonCologne, white linen comes to mind as far as non-blue squares are concerned, though you seem to prefer more patterned squares.
^ So much for Ohio State...
That particular tie, no. A non-versatile tie that I happened to like even if it was a bit loud for tie 25, sure.
+1 in NMWA being great for upping one's casual game.I do pretty much the same thing with MTM, or at least I started when I noticed most of my clothes started feeling tight in the waist. Probably will have to get pants taken in at some point now, but that's an adjustment I can live with.
Finally got around to trying Founders Dissenter. Good stuff, but there are a lot of similar beers I like that are considerably easier to get.
@TweedyProf, that tie is a bit garish for my taste and probably not that versatile. Of course, once you have enough ties, versatility is overrated. I have approximately 50 ties but am willing to bet that 20 of them probably do 80% of the lifting in my tie wardrobe.
New Posts  All Forums: