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The problem with forum search given a single section containing all of the above-mentioned threads is that even somewhat detailed searches yield far too many results, often a single phrase buried within a thread with tens of thousands of posts. The search tool is, in my experience, generally worthless at this point.I second the idea of splitting the Classic section into multiple sub-sections. For an example of such segmentation, see...
Great pics! The issue, as some have mentioned and as is neatly illustrated in these photos, is the rise of the trousers. The jacket should button and the pants waist should both locate approximately at the navel. The shirt/tie would then be covered by the jacket, even with open quarters, hands in pockets, etc. While many modern jackets do have a buttoning point slightly higher than the navel, it is the low-rise trousers that allow exposure of the shirt.
Quote: Originally Posted by GBer Try B&S or the bay Saw some the other day at DSW (in Columbus, OH) for like $200.
Yes, the 15% corporate discount will work on the 3 for $199 shirts. I got my corporate discount card through my university's alumni association.
I have yet to see a cordovan shoe I find pleasing to the eye.
Quote: Originally Posted by bkstone Do you have any parent/grandparents with curly hair? My paternal grandmother has somewhat curly hair, yes, but no one else.
Quote: Originally Posted by nahneun It's genetics. You'll probably have wavy hair from now on. I should have clarified that, before I started cutting it short at age 18, I had all different lengths (including down to my shoulders) at different times, and it was never wavy or curly.
Okay, here's the story: I've always had straight hair. For the past 9 years (since I was 18), I've cut my hair short, basically as short as they could get it using scissors or sometimes using a #3 with the clippers. For the last 6 months or so I've been growing my hair out, so it's a few inches long now, and, lo and behold, it's CURLY/WAVY !!! The question is: Will my hair remain curly/wavy forever now, or do you think once it's been cut a few times and...
I'd be interested in thoughts on this procedure as well, not in order to increase sleeve length, but because I have an abundance of french-cuff shirts and little reason anymore to wear them; I could get more use out of them if they had button cuffs.
I did not, no. The shoes were pretty tight as it was. I should have returned them right off the bat, but I figured they'd stretch a bit. I did apply some moleskin pads to the back of the inside heel, to reduce the rubbing, but that didn't work out.
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