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Picked up 169 shares of INTC (Intel Corp)
You're right -- .84% is a bit costly, and there are better performers out there (I also like Matthews Asian Growth & Income but their expense ratio is even higher than AEPGX). It's good to have a large exposure to domestic markets -- personally I would say 60%, and then put 30% in an international play (how about VEU?) and the remaining 10% in Emerging Markets. You don't want to have all your eggs in one basket - even if that basket is domestic markets, because the...
I'm cautiously optimistic.
Thank you very much bengal-stripe. Your posts are always informative and I appreciate your help with this. Totally makes sense now.
So I've noticed this little bit of extra stitching on a few of my Neapolitan shirts -- located below the second or third button from the neck and positioned behind the placket... does it serve a purpose? What is it? Why is it there?
Anybody like Netflix?
what stocks should I buy? anyone have any hot tips?
Hartford is rated a Buy with a 12 month target of $39 so that should be alright.
Yes I'm rather curious myself!
Quote: Originally Posted by re-rebenga What're you his boyfriend? I didn't try to stick it to him, I did. VV It's funny that I got banned in the process but hey I'll be the sacrificial lamb. And much like Jesus, I have come back in 3 days. I was misunderstood but all is forgiven. Well it really wasn't very nice to bump all canoner's threads like that...
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