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Thank you very much bengal-stripe. Your posts are always informative and I appreciate your help with this. Totally makes sense now.
So I've noticed this little bit of extra stitching on a few of my Neapolitan shirts -- located below the second or third button from the neck and positioned behind the placket... does it serve a purpose? What is it? Why is it there?
Anybody like Netflix?
what stocks should I buy? anyone have any hot tips?
Hartford is rated a Buy with a 12 month target of $39 so that should be alright.
Yes I'm rather curious myself!
Quote: Originally Posted by re-rebenga What're you his boyfriend? I didn't try to stick it to him, I did. VV It's funny that I got banned in the process but hey I'll be the sacrificial lamb. And much like Jesus, I have come back in 3 days. I was misunderstood but all is forgiven. Well it really wasn't very nice to bump all canoner's threads like that...
I love my All-Clad.
You have to bill well over 2,000 hours per year, you have to develop a reputation as being driven, hard-working (even on weekends or all night or through your planned vacation if need be), and you have to be seen as someone who has the potential to bring in new clients and develop new business relationships. At your early stage, you would be wise to cultivate a powerful mentor at your firm - someone who will champion your cause when the time comes. Best of luck -- you...
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