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Just finished it..don't want to comment just yet about what happened but damn this show is very good at casting.
It still kicks any other vehicle in the desert and looks great inside out imho
they really managed to fuk this show up...
That's a very popular model in the middle east... It's based on the Nissan Patrol which I think looks better. Not sure if the US has that but if it does it's better looking and has th exact same interior and you save some major money. For me that Infinity looks like a big yacht.
Nothing here about football..Juve-Roma has been a firecracker but mostly for the ref fuckups in favor of Juve. It seems Calciopoli isn't over!!!
Roma-Napoli a fantastic game!!!!
Hernanes is a great deal for Inter...Was hoping they could get Nani but it seems that wont happen.Would have been a great mercato. Only problem is that we are soo far from third that it seems no more CL for another year.
I didn't get the name but just found it in my research...thank u for attempting to answer my question
Forgive my ignorance but the person whom Dr.Narcisse is going to spy on, has he been seen in any of the episodes?? Who is he?? A real character as well Also when does the show comeback???
Chalky's daughters death was heartbraking...That was a great scene and I so wanted Richard to kill Narcsse. I am glad Eli and Chalky are ok for next season and despite liking RIchard,i am notthat upset about it. It was a nice scene at the end.
New Posts  All Forums: