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U should be petrified if it doesn't...Roma should cut their losses now when they can and get a coach over the mass break. It's only downhill with him if he stays.
I would give 6/10 the hype around it is unbelievable that I actually thought it would be better. I have to say just did a better job on startreck and I hate startreck series. Can't say more obviously since I don't want to ruin the movie.
What was Garcia thinking playing that way... Roma deserve better than him. They disappointed all serie A fans.
Watched citizenfour...little disappointed by it,expected more tbh.
Can u get it online?
If u got rosa da which this could be u can use a metro gel to cool things down...it would be helpful if you go to a dermatologist and get back to us on the condition and what they prescribed
Over the weekend when I had nothing to do I watched a movie on my DVR called About time...Sort of a romantic,charming sci fi movie. Really enjoyed it despite it being 2 hours. Would recommend it with a date... Ohh and you have to suspend rational thinking and just enjoy the movie:)
If you are looking for medication to grow it back Minoxil and Propecia are the two out there. I didn't have that problem but I used Propecia as a preventative masure when it first came out. It worked very well for me. Gaining weight was probably the only side effect for me but some people do get other side effects so please check that before taking if you intend to take. One side effect is impotence and while I didn't get that during the time I was taking Propecia I must...
It would have been amazing if they took it all the way to the 80's and 90's. The material is so rich and with their great casting,acting and all it would have been a home run.
Just finished it..don't want to comment just yet about what happened but damn this show is very good at casting.
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