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There is a huge difference... A similar analogy would be Catholic Christians attacking Christians in the Vatican for example in a holy time of year.
Can we not call these assholes Muslims now???I mean they bomb the holiest sites in the holiest month of Islam...killing MuslimsSaudi had to deal with three incidents in one day, Kuwait the day before spoiling a plot and Iraq the day before where more than 200 died..It's 2016 but feels like 1984
I met him in an event before the World Cup in Brazil. When I went to take a pic with him my friend wanted to stir things up and told him I am die hard Germany fan. Chris was drinking and told me jokingly we will crush Germany. I told him not only would you lose to Germany but you might not even make it out of the group stages. He was gob smacked turned things ugly for a minute but he was way too nice throughout the night.My prediction thu was completely true....I swear I...
Against Italy,yes. He was subbed though in the 2nd half. Belgium lack a good coach.
U should be petrified if it doesn't...Roma should cut their losses now when they can and get a coach over the mass break. It's only downhill with him if he stays.
I would give 6/10 the hype around it is unbelievable that I actually thought it would be better. I have to say just did a better job on startreck and I hate startreck series. Can't say more obviously since I don't want to ruin the movie.
What was Garcia thinking playing that way... Roma deserve better than him. They disappointed all serie A fans.
Watched citizenfour...little disappointed by it,expected more tbh.
Can u get it online?
If u got rosa da which this could be u can use a metro gel to cool things down...it would be helpful if you go to a dermatologist and get back to us on the condition and what they prescribed
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