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I'm looking to get a shirt to wear to the beach for my summer holiday. This Ralf Lauren one looks interesting or something more plain? Or even this from Duchamp
Absolutely ridicuous! I'm sure Brieting and Rolex's are cheaper!
Patek Philippe by GodAtum, on Flickr
Unfortunately my current grey jumper has been ripped so looking for a new one. I need a slim one as most jumpers look baggy on me: I'm a size 29" waist and 15" neck. J Crew do slim fit cashmere jumpers for £225: 35 - 37 chest, 14 - 14.5 neck, 29 - 31 waist and 32 - 33 arm length. the say they are 12 gauge so I guess this is good?
I was disciplined this week for wearing Jedi robes to work. The dress code is smart casual and people wear jeans so i dont understand why my choice of clothes was inappropriate?
I went to London Covant Garden to buy a few things for summer and found it closed I own a few blazers and trouser from them.
I guess some people cycle to work so wear suitable clothing for that.
talking to friends who work in different companies in London the dress code seems to start at different places. For example, one bank in the City wont let employees even wear trainers into the lobby while another consultancy firm allow you to change shoes at your desk. This isnt really a concern for me but I know a few people who wear trainers to work and change to smarter shoes at their desks. I'm curious as to what are you employee rules are?
Tracksuit bottoms are good, otherwise some standard football shorts.
Around £200-£500. Looking for a dark navy colour and slim-fitting. been looking at barbour but they are a bit too boxy for my shape.This one Paul Smith Multi Pocket Nylon Jacket is similar to the one I saw at harrods. never heard of the website though.
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