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See, I used to think like that, but then I discovered that no, the particular pictures I enjoyed were of Leighton Meester, not Blake Lively. Upon further inspection of the thread there was actually a conversation going in regards to which one was superior, but I wasn't paying attention to the text and neither were you.
Quote: Originally Posted by merkur Erm, these pics are NOT of Blake Liveley. In that case, inform me so that I can go trolling for pictures.
1963 Ford Thunderbird.
Quote: Originally Posted by RyJ Maduro I wasn't convinced by the title of this thread until I saw these. Hot damn.
Is she the kind of girl who absolutely insists on a diamond? Diamonds aren't even the traditional stone of choice for a betrothal. It was a hugely successful marketing ploy in the 50s by De Beers which made us think that way. So if she happens to have a favorite gemstone that isn't a diamond, you could probably even go with that. Not to mention since carats are based on weight, and diamonds are denser than other gems, you could get a bigger stone for your carat.
Looks sharp, but since this is your everyday wear and not for business I think you could probably afford to mess around more with colors, patterns, and fabrics. There's nothing inherently wrong with your style, it's just a matter of personal preference.
I was lucky enough to catch a pair of burgundy Allen Edmonds Park Avenues in exactly that size on eBay a while back, and had I known how difficult it is to find that size I would have bought the other pairs too. I don't trust vb HOMME, Bates look all right in a pinch, and a lot of other oxfords in my size look like glorified sneakers. What do you guys recommend if I just want to find a good pair of black oxfords for my rotation? Should I just try to go for size 6 as long...
Quote: Originally Posted by Twotone Pick up a copy of "Blade" magazine and check out some of the custom Damascus knife makers. Beautiful works of sharp art and priced accordingly. Twotone COVET D:
Depends on what you want to use your knife for, if you want to use it at all. Damascus is beautiful, but you probably won't use it for much and it's kind of expensive. I've got the Scallion from Kershaw. It's a good price, very functional, and aesthetically pleasing. They've also got the Leek and the Chive if you want a different size. As for a pen knife... I can't really help you there, but they have those as well.
Hey, you've already got a girlfriend, right? You're already a step ahead on winning at Life. It's good that your wish to become more dapper and strong is based on a desire for self-betterment rather than outright clinical depression. I'm the same size as you with two inches less in height, and I have similar issues finding clothing. Right now I'm trying out MyTailor to get myself a properly-fitting button-down shirt. There have been varying reviews on it but it seems to...
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