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I ate at smagsløget (next to Nørreport) this weekend. The no 10 was great, you should try it if you are ever in the vicinity!
Trickers ilkley comes to mind. I also like a lot of the shoes in the Alfred Sargent Country Line, but I don't think you'll find any of the models with commando soles. Worth checking out though.
How about Krug though. Wow.
I have been trying the sole conditioner from Boot Black lately, and I can't say I notice much of a difference...
Øh, ja, størrelse 33 er enormt...
I have used both dubbin grease from saphir and Lexol on my girlfriends handbags with success.
Where did you buy yours Chris? I tried to find a pair in my local Levi's store, but they didn't have any in my size.
Stitch: If you want the colours in your pics to look closer to reality, try taking them outside. As it is now it's pretty hopeless to say anything about the colours in your outfit... For a moment I actually thought your pants were black (the horror.....). I have to echo the others opinions about your fit being a bit boring.. Add a (preferably patterned) tie or a square, and I think it would improve your outfit quite a lot. A paler blue shirt would also look better imo.
My GF loved the suede wingtips.
Does not compute.
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