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In need of a new sexy scent to apply onto my skin to get the mojo flowing. Any suggestions? I came across Acqua di Parma's more summery fruity scents, which a few of them I quite liked. Any other good ones to look out for?
Anyone have any idea of a recipe and ingredients for the steak and salad?
Going to Dubai next week. Any tips for restaurants, shopping, etc? What is the typical price range for high-end menswear like Canali, Zegna, etc. in Dubai vs. elsewhere, is it substantially cheaper?
Thanks guys for the replies. As far as I know, they are actual properties (commercial). To specify, it is a large RE fund with divisions in asset management, corporate finance and fund management. Some of the pointers on responsibilities sure sound intriguing, such as being involved in transactions, modelling cash flows on asset deals, budgeting and reporting, analyzing the portfolio etc.. Of course very valuable buyside and analytical experience that hopefully I can use...
Currently a last-year undergrad, been looking to break in into IBD these past years but no luck so far. However, I have a offer lined up working at a real estate investment manager; job description has a lot of transferrable skills to what you'd do as an analyst anywhere basically, including IBD but just wondering if its a smart choice it being real estate or would that pigeonhole me in that category? Just wondering since it is analyzing illiquid properties instead of...
Looking to buy a pair of high-quality earphones. Have no idea on whats good, so all recommendations welcome. Multi-use preferably, so I'd use them for normal music listening on my phone as well as using them for jogging, so they cant get ruined from sweat. Are 'Tour' Beats any good? Any other suggestions?
I have a 5 hr layover in Paris on monday. Need to get something nice for the girlfriend even though I'm short on time. Any good gift ideas?
I'm a novice at cooking but could someone advise me on how to make this dish? Especially interested in how the sauce is made, I'm afraid mine would be too thick and fatty.
Need some advice for a jacket purchase for the upcoming winter season. Plan is to go to the mountains at somepoint and need to be stylish of course. I guess a puffy jacket is the best option? Keeps you warm and looks good? Should I be looking for any specific brand names? Moncler, Aspesi, etc? Preferably European ones as I am based there.
Ok got it guys. Last thing with the tie then, do you think a tie with one inch stripes going diagonally is too much? Like that but with light blue and dark blue. Too aggressive?
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