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Damn, you can never tell from the pics. Was hoping for sasquatch sizes.
+1 on both haha. Sizes?
Nope. 1 paper Washington, 1 metal Washington, 3 metal Lincolns.Shirts were marked $11.99 each x 50% off = $11.99. Socks were $5.99 each x 70% off = $3.59. Subtotal $15.58. Plus tax @ 4.5% $0.70 = $16.28. Birthday coupon $15 off any purchase = $1.28.Edit: I would have grabbed more but this stuff was on the clearance rack, the only other shirts in my size were god awful patterns. I just grabbed the socks to get me up to the $15.
At BR outlet, I just got 2 non iron slim fit staple blue shirts and 2 pair of socks for $1.28. Not bad for some beater/travel clothes. Quite pissed that the BB outlet had 1818 harris tweed blazers for about $80 in every size but mine.
Nice! Happy birthday!
I had a professor in college (philosophy, of course) named Dick Cocks. https://www.lemoyne.edu/UNDERGRADUATE/Philosophy/Faculty/tabid/768/Default.aspx He went by Dick, I swear.Also, an oral surgeon I saw as a kid for TMJ was Dr. Payne.
I work as a consultant at a lot of hospitals so I have a bunch of contractor badges. I keep them all in my bag because sometimes I go to a client on short notice. One of them gave me a retractable clip that I use for all of them. I just pull out the badge for wherever I'm at that day, switch out the badge on the clip, then clip it to my INSIDE jacket pocket. Since I rarely button my jacket, it's convenient as I just reach in my jacket and pull out the badge to show it to...
Ha! I've mentioned "Jaxson" before to my fiance for when the day comes, she likes it but insists on the traditional spelling. It's probably for the best.Other names we've kicked around are Parker and Reed. I like Anderson as well, not because of A&S, but that is one I have not yet suggested to her.
Or when immature middle school peers call him Ermenedildo...
New Posts  All Forums: