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I remember seeing this one on Asos couple of days ago, maybe you saw this: cheers
Damn, scared the shit out of me when i saw Fring Search for "Aoki t shirts", here's a link: cheers
Farfetch Free Delivery: WFREESHIPA01
Last bump. Nobody? Thanks
Anyone? Thanks
^ Nope, no idea. You probably better asked the guy instead of taking pictures. I've seen some similar shoes from Gucci & Ted Baker, but never exactly the same. Just search for some blue sole / contrast sole suede shoes.
Hello everyone, I tried to find an answer in a bigger thread, but my question probably already got lost in the big post count. So i'm asking again here. I'm desperately looking for an ID on this cardigan Milan Vukmirovic was wearing at the Paris fashion week. The "fair isle/ jacquard/aztec/ethnic" print looks similar to a Trussardi1911 (belted) cardigan as you can see HERE, but i'm unable to find the one in the pictures below: Source:, Tommy Tom Any help...
I have two pairs of Edwin, one pair bought at around $110 (so Edwin's cheaper models) and another pair of approx. 250$ . I love them both. They fit great for me and the color has only faded a little bit after 2 years. Don't think you'll be disappointed about the quality.cheers
#post_5654923 @DJT00: Def yes imo! I have a similar concealed button white shirt by D&G and i love it. I wear it on formal occasions or tucked in a blue jean.
Hello, Can anyone identify this cardigan Milan Vukmirovic is wearing? I've been looking everywhere but can't find anything with this "fair isle" print. It' could be Trussardi1911, but i didn't find it in the Trussardi catwalk pictures. Source:, photographed by Tommy Ton Thanks in advance
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