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I'm a Simpson wearer and have avoided Bonafe because of the fit issues. The folks at Skoak said that there is a narrow fitting last debuting this spring, which should be better. Don't know if you want to wait and try to get an MTO on that, though.
@clee1982 I thought Loro Piana was pretty terrible. Most stuff is 30% off retail, and the bolts were INSANELY expensive. The retail price on the bolts seems to be double what I'd pay at a tailor. Some cool stuff, but the price point is just way off. I've also never seen Soifer Haskin so popular, so there was that. Conversely, the Maiyet sample sale that ended today was insanely good. Bought stuff for my girlfriend and mother. $600 tops for $12.50. No typo.
How many of our Skoaktiebolaget friends are part of the new Sweden phone number? Bunch of coworkers and I called Sweden today. Sadly neither person knew Skoak (I could be pronouncing it like a crazy Yank) :/ At least our second person knew Koenigsegg.
Love his work. Do you remember the prices? I'm not sure how much cheaper they are in Europe as compared to the States.
Cantarelli on there is such a mixed bag, so I'm glad it worked out for you! I also lucked into a main line, 100% cashmere sport coat for $200 a few weeks back. Others have received diffusion lines that don't even exist anymore, and then needed to send the items back.
Was happening for me with a Partenopea sport coat. I got so annoyed that I just removed it from my dreambox.
@chocsosa nice to see a fit where you're not looking particularly murdery.
I wear a 12 C on the 5 last and wear a Simpson in an 11 UK. The Simpson is an exponentially better fit.SImpson is narrow and has a low instep, so if you have both, you'll be golden. I find it fits very similarly to a TG73, which is not really in the same stratosphere, but it's more readily available, so perhaps you can try that on in person.
The Skoak team ensures that people's socks stay up by nailing them in to the wearer's calves. Obviously.
If you like the wallet, buy it. Yes, it's young, but it's also fun. And it's a wallet — it's not like you're buying a suit with the print on the back.
New Posts  All Forums: