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Your snark has quickly become my favorite snark on the forums. Next SF meetup, I'm buying you a whisky.If it's the one I'm thinking of, it's winter. There was a very, very similar (if not the exact same) cloth offered by Drapers this past winter. 320 grams if my brain remembers things well.
Simpson. Know many love the Inca, but I am a Simpson loyalist.If you can find it, I'd actually go for it on the Alcudia above all else
How are you wearing this? I was hotter today in NYC than I was last month in Dubai, where the weather was 40 C or 105 F.Nice fit, but if we don't see you tomorrow, will assume you've melted.
@dieworkwear wow, had no idea. Thanks for the context. Amazing what happens when a solo practitioner gets big. Sometimes scaling works. Sometimes it undermines everything that made the practitioner grow in the first place.
@sprout2 did you call/write April in Paris?
Have found that a lot of the older members do still lurk, so perhaps if a thread caught their attention, it would get the traction.
Damn you spoo! Why must 80105 SNUFF SUEDE CAP TOE be in a 12 and not an 11?!
They're amazing. Might need to pick a pair myself as I've been keen on a pair of grey shoes now for a while. Have said it a few times before, but will reiterate once more. The 11525 from Cheaney is an amazing last.
He's clearly attending a costume gala as "50 shades of grey."
One additional vote for adding length. It's what stopped me from ordering the gorgeous Zegna guncheck during the pre-order.
New Posts  All Forums: