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That was a poetic necro bump. Let me try... There once was a brand named Crockett Its Jones was so long it had to sock it
Yes, had the same feeling when I came back a week ago. Even many of the regulars seemed to have gone away.
Recommend wearing Burberry check pants 3 sizes too small while stuffing your crotch with a sock. That'll attract the women you want.
This is scrumptious. If it were a few inches longer, I'd be tempted as I need a new tuxedo for a wedding. Oh well.
Thanks for the info guys. Here's hoping that it won't be too much of a deterrent as I already had narrow feet to begin with.
Hello fellow SFers. I unfortunately had a bad sporting mishap this week and broke my left ankle in several places and dislocated it, requiring surgery. I tell you this not to elicit pity, though that certainly would be lovely, but rather to see if any of you have experienced this injury or something similar and how it affected your footwear. I am worried that my shoes will no longer fit me properly and I will be relegated to gunboats in order to accommodate the metal...
To me, it all sort of distills down to this one sentence: find your personal style and don't get suckered into SF groupthink. There are obviously some amazingly well attired gentlemen on here, and many of them have their unique style, and sadly, some try to push that as the look onto people. I see many new members accepting this advice like gospel without so much as questioning the advice giver. It's about identifying needs and finding the best options. Don't be a pig...
Amazing writeup. Would also love to see d'Avenza on the list, but with its sale to Cucinelli, I'm not sure how much longer we're actually going to HAVE a d'Avenza
Unsolicited and unaffiliated plug for the Persol-MOdel 2990-S 95/83 50/19 140 2F Light Green lens. I own them and absolutely love them. I've had mine for about a year, and thus far they have proven to be durable and withstand heavy use and heavy travel.
New Posts  All Forums: