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Am I going nuts, or are fewer models being offered in 11 UK now?
H.Moser makes a great understated piece as well.
Most people buy the Seiko 5 as a gateway piece.
If you won the purple tweed Phineas Cole and it doesn't work out for you, please PM me first.
My birthday's the 24th. Might I recommend then?
It's big in the heel, though, which is challenging for many people. I have to go down to a 44.5 in it. Wear an 11 on the Simpson and TG73, which tend to run on the narrow side as well.
Made in England
If you're the person who keeps bidding against me on the Uetam loafers in an 11, I'm going to need you to kindly stop. Thanks.
Its window display at Barneys NY
@IGotId my vote is for the Chonometre Bleu.
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