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Looooove maison du whisky. One of the few places in the world that sells the stuff I drink. The markup with C&J in Paris is pretty extreme, though. Reckon we're now over OP's budget, despite the strong exchange rate.
Carmina. There is a lovely chap called Frederic in there who can help you get sized. I'm not a big fan of the French brands in that range: Loding, Finnsbury, Bexley, and Septieme Largeur.
The Dacia Sandero is coming?
I've had positive experiences as well. The staff there is very much hands off compared to some other stores, so maybe it was misinterpreted as dismissive? You could have just been there at the wrong time too and it has obviously shaped your experience. I have had similar experiences with stores/companies and I refuse to give them my money now. The advantage of a trunk show is that you get to meet the people behind the brand and get fitting and styling advice from the...
Pierre Corthay is at Leffot a few times per year, so you might be able to have a full pipeline of shoes.
I lived in Milan for a while and this list is pretty much spot on.Just to add a few more:Eat:- S.P.I.B - without question the best pizza in Milan and the best pizza that I have had in the world. Don't know if you speak Italian, but there is basically zero English spoken there. Had to translate everything for my mother when she came to visit.- Cioccolati Italiani - it is right behind Luini, so make a meal of it. Without question, the best gelato in the world for any...
Weather in NY is one of two things:1. Fuck, it's hot2. Fuck, it's cold
Crusty, you are a very brave man. When I saw the weather this morning (also for NY), I was trying to justify just wearing my gym clothes to the office and implying that my bag had been stolen. "No time to get home and change, we have a morning meeting, thanks for understanding!"
I'll third Foster. From what I have seen, they are sublime.
To climb the corporate ladder, duh.
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