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Darren -I wear the Cheaney 11525, which is the same fit as the 205 just with a more pronounced chisel. The Carmina Simpson and Alcudia work best for me. I can make an Inca work, but swim in the Rain and everything else. I wear the same size on the 11525 as I do on the SImpson and Alcudia.
Amazing. Will likely be interested if the measurements work.
@jerrybrowne I saw those on @ntempleman's instagram, and was just blown away. They're some of the nicest loafers I've ever seen, so wear them well! Make sure to post pics of them in action.
Beyond being silly, it's grammatically inaccurate in so many places.
As agjiffy has said, a lot depends on your taste. All of the big French tailors have something inherently unique to them. I love Cifonelli, and would personally go that route, but I can see why others would choose another tailor.
There was a Corthay RTW teardown on Facebook a few months ago--it's probably linked somewhere in this thread. The construction quality for the price is a bit dubious, but the aesthetics are sublime.
Have decided to also speculate on the new brand. Zonkey Boot!
From what I've gathered, since a lot of the more influential members have left, the average age on here has continued to skew younger. Not to make blanket, vapid statements, but I have found that younger people have a harder time taking criticism without getting unnecessarily defensive. On the show The Crazy Ones, there was a rather comical bit about this very thing.
Threads like this and the St Crispin's one from @Leaves just reaffirm why this is an amazing community. Kudos.
Didn't see much, but I'm a 40, so I only had a quick glance into those smaller sections. Selection was pretty decent on most things.
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