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Amazing post, as always. As someone who suffers from "narrow heel" or whatever nomenclature that society now uses, what would you say the best way to determine fit is, specifically around the heel as it relates to heel to ball?I find myself unable to wear loafers/chelsea boots as I get massive heel slip, and RTW laced shoes are hit and miss on me in terms of feel. It seems that the sleeker lasts often fit me better as I have a longer and narrower foot. Please feel free to...
I was trying to convince my girlfriend to buy me a pair of English footwear and did just that. She looked at me with a perfect facial expression of, "Man you're a loser, but I still love you."
So you care more about brand than fit? Your refusal to acknowledge that scale does not correspond to quality will inevitably be your downfall unless your behavior and attitude changes. Be receptive to brands you might otherwise not know and find the one that fits you best.
Is this from Yoox? Had this in my dreambox for a while.
Yeah this fit is a train wreck. The shoulders are off, the length is off, the pitch is off, and the quarters are off. Eyeballing you, you have zero need to go MTM. You're a pretty standard build and going MTM is for people who are versed in what they want, know what works and doesn't work, and the like. Going MTM or bespoke for a first suit is like giving a 16 year old (or whatever age new drivers are in various countries) a Ferrari. Get yourself into an actual menswear...
I'll draft a press release and send it to my friend who works for the Associated Press.
I have read through a bit of this thread, and it has helped sharpen my knowledge. My best friend is getting married next year and I am in the wedding. I figure this is the occasion where I spring for the tuxedo as I'm at the point of my life where weddings and parties are starting to occur, and so I figure, what the hell. I'm going back and forth on waistcoat vs. cummerbund. What would you experienced black tie attendees recommend? I feel like such a noob asking these...
Yes, they're quite structured and Canali as a whole tends to run large everywhere. I have to move from a 40 to a 38, but then the length never works out.
Is there a photo of this anywhere? I love the Liverano cut, but I can't come close to affording bespoke and I have no idea the next time I'll be in Florence to buy the Liverano RTW in person.
Two things: 1. I'm going to need you guys to not outbid me on the tie I want 2. Spoo, the red Gucci tie might be one of the craziest things I've ever seen. The pattern reminds me of what would happen if you crossed cherries with sperm (no one make popping cherries jokes).
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