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Still my favorite looking shoe on the planet.
Where are you located?
The Chinese consumer has rapidly shifted toward the discrete luxury model and homogenized to global preferences. While it's true that many are brand centric, it's usually middle class trying to move upwards, which is no different than what one sees around the world.
At one point I had this entire list in Excel. I'll see if I can dig it up and put it on a Google Doc or something so that we can all contribute
My email went out an hour ago, so I assume they're very gone now!
Not interested as I can't afford this right now, but you might want to put up the measurements.
Apart from the crazy syntax, it's very much a preference thing. One of my favorite shirts for more casual settings is a paisley shirt from Etro, and I recognize that it is not everyone's cup of tea.
Bitched and moaned in one of the spam threads. It's been ridiculous over the past few days. I also remember that in March 2013 there was a ridiculous influx of spambots too. How was it rectified then?
Necrobumping, but I did see this online today: Spring Sale at L’UOMO 60% Off Ready Made Suits and Sport Jackets 50% Off Hand Made Pants 50% Off Sweaters and Outerwear 50% Off Hand Made Shoes Don't know the dates, but the Comcast Center events site is completely up to date as I checked some recent developments and it is listed.
That was a poetic necro bump. Let me try... There once was a brand named Crockett Its Jones was so long it had to sock it
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